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0744, 03 Jun 21

Speaker Vos Suggests That Wisconsin Enforce Job Search Requirements for Unemployment

If you don’t show up for a scheduled interview, can it really be said that you are “looking for work?” No, it can’t. And no, the taxpayers should not be paying for people who refuse to make even the most minimal effort to be gainfully employed.

By SCOTT BAUER, Associated Press

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Wisconsin should get tougher on unemployed people who apply for jobs to meet work search requirements but then skip out on the interview, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos said Wednesday.




Vos, the owner of a food packaging business, said during the pandemic that he was fearful he would go bankrupt. Now Vos said he’s also battling worker shortage problems and is offering gift cards to employees who show up to work on time five days a week.


Vos, in a back and forth with a business owner who described job applicants skipping out on interviews, questioned whether Wisconsin should do more to combat that.


“It seems like in Wisconsin we don’t do a very good job to report a no-show for an interview and doing something about it,” Vos said.

Republican legislative leaders, along with the state chamber of commerce, trade groups and local economic development groups, are advocating for the state Legislature to repeal a $300 unemployment supplement and other enhancement programs enacted during the coronavirus pandemic.


0744, 03 June 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    I hire 98% of my interviews.

    The other 2% is usually people looking for work outside are open hours and do not want to janitor, cake decorate, or make dilly bars.

    I am hiring full throttle, so come see me at DQ for a job.

  2. Merlin

    I’m not much interested in furthering an already bloated nanny state by adding a snitch department for interview no-shows. These are the folks that couldn’t get unemployment checks out the door in under seven months and you want them to adjudicate penalties for no-show interviews? And I’m supposed to waste MORE of my time reporting the no-show? Then even more time with paperwork when the no-show contests the basis of the snitch? Get real.

    If Vos is having trouble with no-shows maybe he needs to re-evalute the working conditions and compensation packages he offers. If McDonalds is monopolizing the area labor pool the problem here might be Robin’s unwillingness to adequately compete for that labor.

  3. wisbadgerjim

    Should take a moderately awake, public school, middle school student less than an hour to develop that app. Name, address, SS#. Employer name, address, tax ID #. Did the applicant decline a job offer? Did the applicant not show for their interview? Boom. Done. No more UI.

  4. jonnyv

    I’m with Merlin here. It isn’t my job to have to fill out something on my company’s time to say whether someone shows up for an interview. The last job I posted had 3 no shows (good paying IT job). And for a few other jobs we have actually hired someone and they don’t show up day 1.

    I would rather have someone not show up than waste my time pretending to be interested for 30 minutes just so they can have me fill something out.

    At this point I am fine removing all the enhancements for unemployment. But don’t put the burden on businesses to verify.

    PS. Vos probably hands out gift cards to his own packaging company like a douche. Seems like something he would do. And guess what, employees DONT WANT gift cards. They are taxed for REAL cash later on. Cash bonus or GTFO.

  5. Mar

    I have nderstand what Merlin and Jonnyv are saying.
    But are not those who refuse to look for jobs or don’t show up for interviews defrauding unemployment?
    And then, doesn’t that raise the cost of unemployment to employers?

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