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1349, 30 May 21

Chicken Wings “No Longer Commercially Viable”


New Hampshire restaurateur has apologized to customers for putting prices up after the cost of basic items like oil, meat and gloves rose by as much as 300%.


Alan Natkiel, the owner of Georgia’s Northside in Concord, says the price of brisket has gone up 185%, chicken breast is up 70%, and fryer oil costs have doubled in the past three months, while plastic gloves were three times as expensive as pre-pandemic prices.


Natkiel says the surge in prices has even forced him to stop serving chicken wings as a national shortage has made them so pricey they were no longer commercially viable.


Continuing supply chain disruptions from the pandemic are causing shortages in key fresh food and produce areas.


And a chronic labor shortage is placing added pressure on restaurants.

(hint: it’s not just supply chain issues causing the price increases)

On a side note, I hate the word “eatery.” The proper work for an establishment where they serve food in exchange for money is a “restaurant.”


1349, 30 May 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Shipping shortages are a much bigger deal than anyone realizes.

    Biden’s crazy policies have aided the destruction.

  2. Mar

    I don’t know Kevin. This happened under Trump and well, 3,00,000 wings might cover my next Super Bowl party, it is a problem.
    But it seems like the industry was looking for an excuse to raise prices.
    Are you effected?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    We did not have severe effects until this March.

    Biden policies are to blame. Too much stimulus chasing too few goods with mass shortage of workers because stimulus eliminates need to work for many.

    Marginal restaurants are starting to collapse. Curtailing of open hours is first sign. There are 6-8 obvious examples locally of this.

    I predict another washout of 20-30% of all restaurants in next 12 months. Many will washout because they cannot afford to pay staff $13+, my current average wage.

  4. dad29

    Trump started this with his shutdown suggestions AND his helicopter-money. The ‘too few goods’ are a result of those shutdowns combined with enhanced UC and now a very un-even re-start of industries supplying various goods.

    Biden’s* policies will make this a LOT worse as we head into Labor Day (yes, it takes a while).

    But let’s not forget Congress and the Fed, each of whom is playing a part in shooting America in the head.

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