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1900, 24 May 21

Fat Wisconsin Alligator On the Loose

Ahhhh… Bonduel. You be you. Did they check the local tavern?

The owner of a Wisconsin zoo is stupefied over how his “unathletic” and “overweight” alligator got loose, which was later safely returned.


Steve “Doc” Hopkins of Doc’s Zoo at Doc’s Harley-Davidson in Bonduel said he noticed the animal was missing Saturday morning.


Of the four animals kept in the zoo’s outdoor pen, only one, Rex, escaped.




He added, “The only thing I can think is maybe he was pumping iron all during COVID or something and planned his escape. I don’t know.”


Hopkins warned the public to be careful if they encounter Rex but noted that because of his failing health, he probably can’t do much damage.


“The old gator is very unathletic and quite overweight,” said Hopkins, according to WLUK. “He can barely open his jaws. He has terrible arthritis in his jaws. If he can open up his jaw an inch and a half, it’s a lot. … The most he could do is probably slap you with his tail and that is only if you get close and upset him.”


1900, 24 May 2021


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