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2033, 19 May 21

Evers is Purposefully Holding Back Wisconsin Economy

So the man who has been in a government job for his entire life knows better than the thousands of business owners who are asking for this? Riiiight… Notice how he doesn’t offer an explanation. Just… “I don’t buy it.” He is either a blithering idiot or actively trying to hurt Wisconsin’s economy. I’m not ruling out either option.

During a news conference in Middleton, Evers said he hasn’t seen the specific bill announced Tuesday by Republican leaders, but said he has concerns about the proposal to strike enhanced benefits during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Evers also pushed back against comments by Republicans lawmakers and dozens of business organizations that those increased benefits have created a disincentive to work and exacerbate workforce shortage issues.

“I don’t buy it,” Evers said. “We’re seeking a solution that this is not the answer to.”

“I would be less than honest if I didn’t say I am strongly considering vetoing it, but I haven’t decided,” the Democratic governor added.


2033, 19 May 2021


  1. dad29

    He is either a blithering idiot or actively trying to hurt Wisconsin’s economy.

    “Both” fits him very well.

  2. Tuerqas

    ‘Let’s see…lots of jobs available generally at or above our Dem set $15/hour min. Or continue to pay people $16 plus not to work. Help the economy or increase the debt, hmmm…’

    Is this what Evers is thinking about? Not a chance. Here is the political interpretation of his thoughts:

    Keep voters by paying them not to work or potentially lose voters by making them work or making them successful where they won’t want to pay for higher taxes. No brainer!!! As Merlin just said: ‘Dem plans will never be a party of solutions’. They get a lot of their votes from the dissatisfied, the lazy and the self made victimaires. Oh and many who believe the lies that Dems are the party of positive social change. If they actually satisfied anyone or made positive social change, those voters might go away. The Party of dissatisfaction indeed.

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