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2028, 17 May 21

Wisconsin’s Governments are Flush with Cash

In other words, the government is taking too much money and is flush with your cash

MacIver estimates that, throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Wisconsin governments, institutions, businesses, and citizens have received a total of $41.8 billion in aid from the federal government. That’s nearly as much as Wisconsin spends in a typical year: Wisconsin budgeted around $42 billion all funds spending for one year of the 2019-2021 biennium.




Set aside this enormous onslaught of federal cash, and Wisconsin is still in an astonishingly strong fiscal position. Despite predictions that the COVID-19 government lockdown would crater the economy, the state finished the 2020 fiscal year with a $1.2 billion General Fund balance, the largest in two decades. Our state “Rainy Day Fund” finished the fiscal year with a $762 million balance, the “largest balance in state history,” according to the state Department of Administration. Governor Evers also lapsed over $300 million in state agency spending in response to the fiscal toll of the COVID-19 lockdowns. On top of that, the Joint Finance Committee (JFC) approved nearly $500 million GPR in taxpayer savings through sum sufficient appropriation re-adjustments and standard budget adjustments.


All told, Wisconsin sits with an estimated total of $2.7 billion available at the state’s disposal.


Between state savings and several waves of federal stimulus money, Wisconsin has benefited from a grand total of $44.6 billion—with a B—in unanticipated cashflow.



2028, 17 May 2021


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