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0707, 14 May 21

Wisconsin No Longer Requires People Receiving Unemployment to Seek Work

This guy is an idiot if he actually believes this. It is demonstrably true that the increased benefits and lack of search requirement is allowing people to squat on the unemployment line. No. Not everyone wants to work – especially if they don’t have to. To think so defies human nature.

Ed Kamin, manager of Racine County Workforce Solutions, doesn’t think the lack of a job search requirement is actually allowing slackers to live off the system. However, he does think it has an indirect effect on unemployed people not finding jobs.


Kamin said last week he believes that people want to work, and that increased unemployment benefits are not having a direct effect on the unemployment rate. They just may not know about jobs out there, since they aren’t being required to look for them.


0707, 14 May 2021


  1. dad29

    defies human nature

    That’s what the Left does. All day, every day.

  2. Tuerqas

    Amen to that Dad.

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