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0754, 13 May 21

Evers Ponders How to Spend Our Money

Just sit back and ponder the fact that we have allowed our governor so much power that he is sitting around wondering how he will spend over two BILLION dollars.

Evers originally said he wanted to spend $2.5 billion on economic relief for families, tourism, workers and small-business owners, as well as $500 million on the continued pandemic response and $200 million on infrastructure, including broadband.

During a news conference Wednesday, Evers answered vaguely when asked about how the reduced amount would affect his plans, saying the state now has $700 million less to help it recover from the pandemic. He said the reduction “hurts” and that it may affect how much his administration can spend, but he didn’t elaborate.

Evers’ spokeswoman, Britt Cudaback, said the governor still plans to follow through on his pledge to spend about $620 million of the stimulus money on grants for small businesses, organizations working to eliminate racial disparities, tourism and mental health programs for children. But she said other amounts could change.


0754, 13 May 2021


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