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2116, 11 May 21

Assembly Passes Expansion of School Choice

I wish there was any hope of this making it into law, but there isn’t. It’s such a shame. After so many public school abandoned education during the pandemic, we owe it to families to provide more options. Our goal should be to fund education – not prop up failing government institutions.

The Assembly passed in a 60-36 vote a bill that would qualify more students for school vouchers.


The bill, now in the Senate, would change the income cap from 220 percent of the federal poverty level to 300 percent for families who want to enroll in the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program. That means the most that a family of four could earn would increase from $57,640 to $78,600 or $85,600 for a married couple.


Rep. Barbara Dittrich, R-Oconomowoc, said families are looking for more school options now than ever before because the pandemic has highlighted existing issues within public schools. She said this bill would give them more options for their kids.


2116, 11 May 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann


    Will liberals cheer this? Or continue to push for unresponsive monopolies?

  2. Mar

    Ummm, Kevin, you do know who the governor is and what his former job was.
    The chances of Evers not vetoing the bill and the Dems help overuse it is about the same as Le Roi going on a date with President Trump at Mar A Lago.
    Or Le Roi being a decent human being.

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