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1710, 08 May 21

No More Snow Days

I was wondering if this would happen.

Snow days have been cancelled for public schools in New York City, with students now expected to continue their classes from home.

Snow days see schools and similar institutions close when there is heavy snowfall or other extreme weather.

Authorities say students successfully managed the move to remote learning during lockdowns, and the days off will not continue in the new school year.


1710, 08 May 2021


  1. Mar

    Teachers and school districts just looking at ways for not teaching in classrooms and schools.
    But look at the bright side, fewer kids might not be molested by teachers.

  2. Jason

    I agree… and also with the next logical step… no reason for NY to collect income tax or bargain with another state for income tax on a non-resident working remotely. No reason for any state to…

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    Using the really twisted logic presented by mar, would fewer people going to church result in fewer folks being molested by ministers, deacons, priests, etc?

  4. dad29

    Yes, LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy, that is what would result.

    Since your understanding of molesters is limited to what you may or may not read in the newspapers, the answer is YES.

    Molesters MUST have face-to-face contact over quite some time to groom the victims.

    Mar’s logic is dead-on.

  5. Jason

    Leroy, you’re an idiot, haha.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Sounds like you have that MO all figured out, dud. Now everyone is on to you and your ilk. All the more reason to avoid any place you would frequent.

  7. Jason

    And yet you keep coming back to where Dad29 frequents. Leroy, you’re embarrassing yourself far more than usual.

  8. Mar

    Pervert lovers like Le Roi love to live in glass houses.
    And act like trolls.

  9. Paul

    Says a lot about the blog owner when he lets a racist pedophile like Le Roi du Nord continue to post here.

  10. dad29

    All the more reason to avoid any place you would frequent.

    Any place I frequent wouldn’t allow you to enter.

    Got anything better, Concrete-Puddler?

  11. Mar

    Normally, I would have blasted Paul for his comments, but as we have seen lately, Le Roi has proven Paul to be correct in his assessment about Le Roi.

  12. Le Roi du Nord

    No mar, normally (as you did again, above) you would spread the lies. You are at least consistent in your wrongness.

  13. Mar

    Silence is violence chmo lover.
    Which age do you like watching babies being raped? The 1 year old or do you like them older, like the 5 year old?
    Fun times you have with the judge.

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