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2126, 04 May 21

Presidential Perspective

I believe this is authentic picture for the simple reason that nobody could botch a piece of photoshopped propaganda that badly.


2126, 04 May 2021


  1. Merlin

    Authentically creepy.

  2. MjM

    The idiocy of Biden on display.

    Wears a mask for world leader Zoom meet, then breaths inches away from the face of a frail near-centenarian.

    The picture itself isn’t the creepy thing.

  3. Mar

    And don’t MJM, he then goes outside and then wears a mask, even though everyone around him are vaccinated.
    Strange that the White House released this picture. Meaning, this is the best they got.
    I would love to see the photos they rejected. Senile Joe pisses on himself. Senile Joe is drooling. Senile Joe falls down. Senile Joe’s dentures fall out.

  4. Jason

    This is the epitome of Biden’s entire life…. “Optics”.

  5. Merlin

    -This is the epitome of Biden’s entire life…. “Optics”.

    With perspective distortion, no less. Yet they float through every single day as such a natural, effortless clusterfuck.

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