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0722, 27 Apr 21

Germantown Schools to Promote Critical Race Theory in Classrooms

Germantown schools are officially off the rails.

On April 12, the Germantown School Board voted unanimously to remove CRT from curriculum in all Germantown schools. On Monday night, the School Board rescinded that action and so allowed inclusion of CRT, after more than two hours of public comment and presentations from staff. Michael Loth dissented.


“During the past two weeks, we have learned a lot about CRT and we are grateful for that,” School Board President Bob Soderberg said. He apologized to the public that the CRT matter had not been discussed more openly before the vote two weeks ago.


Germantown Superintendent Brett Stousland recommended the original action be rescinded, during a brief staff presentation to the board on Critical Race Theory.


“One of the tasks was how it’s used, where it’s used, when it’s used (in Germantown),” Stousland said.


Stousland said that on review of Germantown coursework, CRT is only specifically mentioned in two classes, both of which are high-level high school courses. He said in those courses, CRT is taught as one lens — a perspective through which society can be viewed — as feminism, economic, Marxist, psychoanalytic and other lenses are also taught.


Director of Teaching and Learning Brenda O’Brien said CRT is a lens for viewing racial inequalities in history and society. In discussion with teachers over the past two weeks, she said some expressed concerns that if all forms of CRT were banned, it could lead to any teaching about incarceration statistics, Jim Crow law, voting laws, segregation and other historical and current events being labeled CRT and therefor disallowed.


“To disallow this exploration would create a stunted, grossly incomplete study of history,” Germantown High School Social Studies teacher John Whitehead said.

I wouldn’t allow this teacher anywhere near my kids. He isn’t teaching. He’s indoctrinating.


0722, 27 April 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful. Just awful.

    Teaching this divisive leftist cult to kids.

    The school board’s humanity cards should be revoked immediately for their treason against the country.

  2. Merlin

    These fools are in way, way over their heads.

    They’re trying to ride the edge of a blade here thinking they can control the amount of “exploration” they’re going to allow. The race hustlers will have lawyers crawling up their ass in no time screaming that racist white folks cannot be allowed to determine any part of a CRT curriculum.

    These are supposed to be educated people, eh?

  3. dad29

    taught as one lens — a perspective through which society can be viewed — as feminism, economic, Marxist, psychoanalytic and other lenses

    Actually, all of those filters are Hegelian: thesis/antithesis/synthesis. That particular philosophy was the basis for Marxism which typically analyzes by “class” but is not limited to that.

    The effect of such analysis is, naturally, division rather than unification.

    How the Hell Germantown’s ‘highly-educated-very-intellectual’ teachers and Superintendent think this is helpful to the chilluns is beyond me, unless they present it as contrast to Judaeo-Christian reality.

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