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0723, 26 Apr 21

Gun Sales Surge

Here is a gun store owner in Oregon, WI, who appears to neither understand, nor like, his customers.

OREGON, Wis. – As demand for firearms in Wisconsin continues its year-long surge, fewer new buyers are going through any sort of formal training process, according to Max Creek Outdoors Owner Steve D’Orazio.


If we had ten new people walking in, we’d have one person signing up for some type of training,” D’Orazio said. “It scares me. It scares me because again, people are coming in thinking they need a gun in their home for their own protection, but they’re not so much interested in training like they were in the past. I have a problem with that.”




It’s awful, and it’s awful for me to say, but when there’s a shooting, whether it’s locally or in other parts of our country, more customers are walking through our door,” D’Orazio said. “It’s bringing more fear into their home. I think they’re replacing that with putting a gun in their home.”


With first-time gun owners purchasing out of fear, D’Orazio says some quickly realize they regret their purchase.


What we’ve seen here at the shop over the last several weeks is customers coming back asking for them to buy the gun back or putting it on a consignment program where we’ll sell the gun for them,” he said. “That tells me they woke up one morning and said ‘I need a gun in my home’, and two or three weeks later, they’re thinking ‘I don’t need a gun in my home’.”


0723, 26 April 2021

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  1. Mar

    Another mass shooting, this time in Green Bay.
    Watch for Evers and Biden go nuts.

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