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2233, 25 Apr 21

Biden’s Tepid 100 Day Approval Rating

I don’t remember anyone blaming Trump’s approval rating on “intense partisanship.” But with fawning media coverage, this is the best he can do?

Intense partisanship is holding Joe Biden to a tepid job approval rating — the third-lowest for any president at 100 days in office since Harry Truman — along with continued economic dislocation, pandemic impacts and questions about Biden’s view of the size and role of government.


All told, 52% of Americans in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll approve of Biden’s work in office, lower than any president at 100 days in office since 1945, save Gerald Ford in 1974 (48%, after his unpopular pardon of Richard Nixon) and Donald Trump at 42% in 2017. For the 14 presidents from Truman to Biden, the 100-day average is 66%.


2233, 25 April 2021


  1. Mar

    Well, maybe it’s the sympathy vote and they took the poll on Hire the Handicapped Day.
    Otherwise, about 46%of the 52% are complete fools. The others are communists.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Well, 52%, is almost 25% (23.80952…) more than 42%. That is an even bigger spread than the election results. Even mar could figure that out. Or maybe not.

    Pretty soon the usual suspects here will be claiming those poll numbers were rigged or stolen. Oh, look, mar already has.

    BTW: I’m neither a fool, nor a communist.

  3. Mar

    No, you are a liar, coward, pervert lover, terrorist supporter, self admitted troll, uneducated senile asshole.

  4. dad29

    Maybe the poll is a bit ……….. misleading?

    Despite the approval rating, NBC’s poll found that 56% of Americans feel the country is on the wrong track. Further, it found that a plurality of 48% prefers a smaller government with fewer services, even post-pandemic. These results are surprising, given there are significant sampling errors. The ABC poll oversamples Democrats by 9%. NBC’s version oversampled Democrats by 6%. While results are weighted in the polls, the full effect of oversampling is never corrected. Polls of American adults are also not as indicative of the electorate as polls including only registered or likely voters.

    No “maybe” about it. It’s a lie-with-numbers. (See PJ Media for more.)

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mar. But you are used to that.

    You want to mock a fool? Try Larry Kudlow, and his “plant based beer” nonsense. Right up your alley.

  6. Mar

    Nope, pervert lover, you stated what you are not, I stated what I think you are. I cannot be wrong with an opinion, pervert lover.

  7. Mar

    You to remember that this is the ABC/WAPO poll. The same poll that had senile Joe winning nationally by 12 points less than a month before 2020 election.
    So, like Le Roi, it means nothing.

  8. Le Roi du Nord

    And you “think” a lot of stuff that is pure nonsense.

    If the poll means “nothing”, why did you bother to make up some BS numbers of your own? Or why did Owen even bother to post, and comment (“tepid”) ? Or is that higher level math just too much for you?

  9. Jason

    > Or why did Owen even bother to post,

    You can’t figure that out for yourself? It’s obvious that Owen is pointing out yet another proof of the bias of the media toward the Liberal shallow end of the pool. And here you are arguing nothing with no one, you’re nothing but a country hick.

  10. Mar

    “Oct 11, 2020 — Joe Biden holds a 17-point lead over Donald Trump in trust to handle the coronavirus pandemic in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, …”
    From Langer Research. It’s in PDF form, so cannot copy the link.
    So, Le Roi lies again. He just cannot stop lying.
    Once a lying troll always a lying troll.

  11. Tuerqas

    “Pretty soon the usual suspects here will be claiming those poll numbers were rigged or stolen. Oh, look, mar already has.

    BTW: I’m neither a fool, nor a communist.”

    If by usual suspects Le Roi means every conservative everywhere, he is probably right. If main stream media openly prints liberal slanted news and social media openly censors conservative criticism of liberal views/events, why would anyone liberal or conservative believe that any lib backed MSM poll would be un-slanted? I don’t remember Le Roi ever believing the conservative poll numbers most quoted here, (that just makes sense eh, Le Roi?) but anyone questioning a liberal poll is a ‘usual suspect’.
    It seems perfectly logical that a conservative will be critical of a lib slanted story/poll today after liberal media sources will openly admit they slant their stories, and that a lib will be critical of a ‘conservative sourced’ story. It certainly follows in logical terms. Le Roi trying to point out that conservatives are being critical of untrustworthy MSM news sources is somehow bad, dumb or stupid is illogical. Believing that basic logic is wrong is considered foolish by most people. I believe you are not a true communist if you say so, Le Roi, but I can argue that you have been foolish in this very thread…I guess we disagree again L.

  12. Jason

    Well said Tuerqas, but far too wordy for the King of the Slow Ones.

  13. Mar

    Well, I’ll be waiting for an apology from Troll Boy in
    Yeah it ain’t coming.
    You don’t get apologies from trolls of uneducated pervert loving liberals.

  14. Mar

    Hey, Le Roi, don’t bother coming to Arizona. They are going to pass a law that it’s life in prison for those possess child porn or is a child molester.
    Hate to see you locked up for life.

  15. MjM

    Nazi Nort’s wants to know: “You want to mock a fool?”

    Yes. We’ll start with you.

    ABC/WSJ: 33-24-35 percent, Democrats-Republicans-independents

    See the issue there, numbnutz? I’ll guess no.

    “Since 1991, Gallup has consistently asked independents whether they lean toward either of the two major political parties. Most independents do express a party leaning when probed, and when those leanings are taken into account, 47% of Americans on average in 2018 were Democratic identifiers or Democratic-leaning independents, and 41% were Republicans or Republican-leaning independents.”

    IOW, when partisan pollsters sample the squishy middle they are actually adding to the their usual oversample of Democrats. So the ABC poll is skewed not by a laughable 9%, but likely by monstrous 13-15%.

    Since we all know you buy lock, stock, and barrel into the global warming/climate change/climate crisis or whatever-they-call-it-this-week fraud, there’s no doubt you “cheer for” ABC’s silly Bablin’ Joe numbers.

    Which means you deserve mocking.

  16. MHMaley

    We’re I Joe , I would take a 52% approval rating overall and high marks in the area that lost Trump the election – Covid Response .

    The Stock market is up 21% since the election and he still has a majority in the House and Senate .

    Trump supporters have a lot of time on their hands to work on limiting the vote .

    I’d much prefer to be in Joe’s chair listening to the whining of Republicans about being mean to them or trying to overturn an election fairly won .


  17. Tuerqas

    “I’d much prefer to be in Joe’s chair listening to the whining of Republicans about being mean to them or trying to overturn an election fairly won”

    Well duh! Most people would prefer to be in the winner’s position rather than the loser’s position. I daresay both Joe and Donnie would rather be in the WH even if their approval rating was 27% or their own followers were doing the whining after the first 100 days. And neither of them give a damn whether it was fair or not, so long as they were on the winning side. Not a stunning group of insights there, MHM.

  18. Jason

    >The Stock market is up 21% since the election

    And guess what, a gallon of gasoline is up what, 50% since the election. I agree, what a non-stunner. Warm oatmeal can be as deep thinking as you MHM.

  19. MHMaley

    Yeah , I’m a slow thinker .

    But somehow my candidates won the House , Senate , Presidency and the governor race in Wisconsin in the last 4 years while all the genius’s on this board sat on their hands and got their ass’s handed to them .

    Sometimes slow does win the race .

  20. Owen

    What a fascinating perspective. You use election results as a counter to an accusation that you are not a deep thinker. So, Maley, in your mind, the fact that Democrats won elections in 2020 is evidence that you are smarter than the average bear? Does that mean that you were dumber in 2016? 2010? 2000? 1984? Does that mean that you admit that I was smarter than you in 2016? Or, perhaps, are election results not a good indicator of an individual’s intelligence?

  21. dad29

    It’s enough to know that Maley takes ownership of Biden*. That shows us his alleged judgment or Presidential timber, so I think we know plenty about Maley, and none of it is good.

  22. Jason

    Don’t be too hard on Maley. He’s the average Liberal fool… always pulling himself up from other people’s achievements. After all, like Leroy, he has nothing else to be proud of.

  23. Tuerqas

    “Yeah , I’m a slow thinker .

    But somehow my candidates won the House , Senate , Presidency and the governor race in Wisconsin in the last 4 years while all the genius’s on this board sat on their hands and got their ass’s handed to them .”

    A few things: First, like Owen, I question whether election results (fair or not) equals intelligence in the voter. As I have voted independent my entire life it would suggest I am among the slowest, yet Mensa disagrees and I take their word for it over your theory.

    Second, I give props to the Dem Party for quality fraud in 2020. Since George Washington, fraud and suppression have been a part of American elections. The fact that Dems and Reps have denied it since Washington’s time does not make it a lie, it just makes it un-prosecuted. It is a game that has been played throughout our history and there is always a winner each cycle whether it actually affects the election outcome or not.

    Lastly, I was not calling you or insinuating that you were slow. That implies that you might come out to the best (right?) conclusions to any question, it just might take you longer. I was implying that you were being dim-witted. How? Why?
    1) Your first point was based on a continually repeated lie, nothing more. Do you really believe that Trump’s warp speed was a bad response? I’ll bet you do as you obviously believe any liberal lie if it is repeated often enough. Biden has done virtually nothing to update warp speed except to insist on wearing masks anyway, whether you are vaccinated or not and taking false credit for ‘getting on track’ what Trump had had in motion all along.
    2) Every major analyst predicted that no matter who won the election, they would have a huge first 100 days in the markets because of the opening up of the economy as the pandemic measures continue to lift. That Biden would have more because of his promises to spend a bunch of money that would further stimulate the economy was known before last November (so not slow, so much as glacial, maybe). And since there have been no elections in the last 100 days, it is not just slow to point out that Biden “still” has majorities in the House and Senate. I’ll let you know now, he will still have majorities after the next 100 days too.
    3) People in power can plan ways to limit or de-limit (suppress) the vote. People out of power plan ways to commit fraud in the next election. Suppression and relaxing earlier suppressive laws is in the hands of the ones in power as they generally require changing the current law at some level.
    4) And as stated earlier, ANYONE would prefer to be in Joe’s chair (or hospital bed as the case may be in the near future) over Trump’s chair.

    Digest that slowly and we can expect an answer, if any, in what? A few weeks?

  24. MHMaley

    The recent election results are just an indication of the recent trend in this country to reject what’s most of the respondents on this board hold dear .

    That must sting a little .

    It may only be a trend , but it all happened despite the Republican parties best efforts to suppress the demographic tidal wave coming at them and a fair election was held .

    The states themselves verified that the clown show of attorneys couldn’t prove ANY of their claims .

    This boards favored candidates got beaten by the least charismatic candidate for Governor in America and lost the
    Presidency to an infirm old guy primarily BECAUSE of the Covid response by the administration and lost then iced the cake by 2 Senate seats in Georgia .

    When you’re in a hole , the best advice is to stop digging .

  25. Mar

    The GOP controls 30 state legislatures and 27 governors.
    I guess locally, the GOP is much stronger and smarter than Democrats.

  26. Tuerqas

    It stung not at all. It likely won’t be in my lifetime that people realize they are being brainwashed or ignored (depending upon which major party you follow) and perhaps decide to do something about it. Based on Party, I am not part of ‘this board’.
    One party has consistently tried to suppress voters while the other dreams up new ways to commit fraud for the last 230+ years. It is in the history books, if you look. The parties modus operandi have switched back and forth a few times, but it has been constant throughout history. I can’t help it that you have embraced your programming and believe suppression is real while fraud is all fake.

    “Presidency to an infirm old guy primarily BECAUSE of the Covid response by the administration”

    Yes, Biden won primarily BECAUSE of the lie that Dem led MSM fed its constituents for 7 straight months. Like I said, good job. Dems would have taken longer for vaccines, as they would have required full FDA testing and approval. They would not have fast-tracked anything (as proven during the Sars outbreak during the Obama regime when they played it down and did not get out a vaccine until 2 years after it had gone away), they actively want the shutdown of communication and greater reliance on them. Promises of herd immunity from people like Fauci was just hot air as Government has continued to push isolation, masks and depression whether we have been vaccinated or not.

    Heh, hole? What hole is an independent in? Now this is where most libs give up as their programming only attacks Republicans. I’d love to hear about the hole I am in from you. As far as I am concerned the giant douche beat the turd sandwich, big deal. Which one beat which and what level of fraud, suppression, lies and school programming was used, isn’t really important other than that all 4 of those instruments are sanctioned and used by the two major parties in the US without the knowing approval of the bulk of its populace. We are all in that latrine hole and the only difference between you and me is that you will be smiling as you drown in it.

  27. Mar

    President Trump won about 2500 counties and Senile Joe won about 480.
    Senile Joe just happened to win the more populus democrat leaning counties.
    Nothing to cheer about for Senile Joe.

  28. Le Roi du Nord

    “President Trump won about 2500 counties and Senile Joe won about 480.”

    Which is absolutely meaningless, as counties don’t elect the president, the voters do by way of the electoral college. A highly educated guy like you should know that.

  29. Mar

    Still waiting for your apology for lying about me again, Le Roi.
    Since you are unable to follow the entire thread and posts, your point is meaningless.
    Like you.

  30. Le Roi du Nord

    Sorry mar, I can’t apologize for something that never happened.

    Now explain how your comment about counties has any bearing on Biden’s 100 day approval rating.

  31. Mar

    Oh, Troll Boy is back.
    Dumbshit accused me of using a false poll about the 2020 election.
    Lied about I wrote.
    Now pervert boy refuses to apologize for slandering me.
    What a troll.
    What an asshole.
    What a Le Roi.

  32. Mar

    As far as your second comment, well, again, since you didn’t bother to read the entire thread, it’s irrelevant to you.

    I realize it’s late, you are confused, you need your meds and you are sharing that baby porn with the judge and getting off on it, so I understand why you don’t understand what I wrote.

  33. Le Roi du Nord


    So your “46% of 52%” claim is true? Got a reputable source for that ?

    Nobody mentioned “counties” until you did, not the article, nor any comments on this thread. So the irrelevance is all yours, little fella.

  34. Mar

    Obviously troll boy, with your disabilities and lack of reading ability, you still cannot read and comprehend what I wrote.
    Go get some 1st grade readers and work on your reading skills.

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