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2149, 24 Apr 21

UK Borrows At Highest Level Since WWII

It’s almost as if China was trying to crush Western civilization by launching a biological attack supported by propaganda.

The cost of measures to support the economy during the coronavirus pandemic has pushed government borrowing to the highest level since the end of World War Two.

Government borrowing – the difference between spending and tax income – hit £303.1bn in the year to March, the Office for National Statistics said.


Compared to the previous year, borrowing is nearly £250bn higher.


Measures such as furlough payments have hit government finances hard.

Borrowing hit £28bn in March alone – a record high for that month.


2149, 24 April 2021


  1. steveegg

    The only reason why it’s “almost” is the ChiComs didn’t manage to protect themselves before the virus escaped prematurely.

  2. dad29

    Gee. It’s also “almost” like PRC engineered a mail-in-vote blizzard in November.

    Nah. Sheer co-incidence. Couldn’t be. Never happened. sarc

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