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0709, 22 Apr 21

Massive Pileup

Wow. Prayers to those who wee caught up in this.

WEST BEND — An unexpected spring snowstorm led to a massive pileup along Interstate 41 on Wednesday morning, leaving one woman dead and six injured.


On Wednesday the Washington County Sheriff’s Office responded to a total of 20 different accidents along Interstate 41 between highways D and 60.


According to a press release, at 11:13 a.m., the Sheriff’s Office Communications Center began taking a series of 911 calls from motorists on I-41 near Highway D in the Town of Wayne for a multi-vehicle crash involving both passenger vehicles and commercial motor vehicles.




The sheriff’s office was handling the largest incident on I-41 northbound just south of Cedar Creek Road. At that scene, there was a total of 48 vehicles involved, 38 of which were damaged.


Six patients were transported to local medical facilities with various degrees of injures. Another 26 were evaluated and treated at the scene.


The Wisconsin Department of Transportation confirmed that the one victim killed in Wednesday’s crashes was a 37-year-old woman from Trenton, Tenn.


0709, 22 April 2021

1 Comment

  1. Mar

    I saw the video (while enjoying my 70 degree day).
    I was shocked how fast some these drivers, including the person taping and a truck driver, were going even though as they drove through the accident scene.
    I guess I was also kind of surprised that I didn’t see anyone pulled over to help, but that’s another story.

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