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1918, 19 Apr 21

January 6th Death Toll Detailed

While all of the deaths are tragic for their families, the fact remains that the only homicide committed at the U.S. Capitol that day was by an officer. We do not yet know whether that homicide was justified. If this was an “insurrection,” it was the least deadly one in human history.

A US police officer who died after January’s Capitol riot had two strokes and died from natural causes, the chief medical examiner for Washington DC has ruled.

Two men are accused of using a type of pepper spray on Officer Brian Sicknick.


However, the ruling means they are now unlikely to be charged with homicide.


The autopsy found no evidence of an allergic reaction to chemicals, nor of internal or external injuries, Dr Francisco Diaz said.


Officer Sicknick, 42, was defending the Capitol building from supporters of then President Donald Trump who stormed it on 6 January. He collapsed after returning to his office during the siege, and died the next day in hospital.


In his ruling, Dr Diaz found Officer Sicknick died of a medical condition which was not brought on by an injury.




Speculation over Officer Sicknick’s death was the source of widespread disinformation after the New York Times reported erroneously that protesters had bludgeoned him with a fire extinguisher – a claim the newspaper later retracted.


Four other people died in the Capitol riot – all pro-Trump protesters: unarmed Ashli Babbitt was shot at point blank range by a Capitol Police officer; two others died of heart failure and one from an amphetamine overdose.


1918, 19 April 2021


  1. Mar

    Once again, Le Roi was wrong.
    That’s what you get when you have an uneducated rube getting his information from the liberal news media.

  2. Tuerqas

    It certainly sounds like reason enough to treat this one riot so differently than all of the others. I watched a bit of Full measure over the weekend and saw how they are using face recognition to try and track down and charge every person at the capitol that day so they can charge them all with crimes. False stream media has pushed an ‘our riots are less deadly than your riot’ over the last few months and it is laughable, Though, on a per riot basis, I guess they are right.

  3. Merlin

    This propaganda avalanche is working extremely well for the lefties. They are completely unrestrained from inventing whatever false narrative they choose and running with it for months as legitimate investigations are underway. When the eventual legit investigation results don’t conform to the false narratives, the lefties use it as additional fodder to fuel their antisocial behaviors.

    With the Chauvin trial they not only successfully controlled the narrative, but grossly perverted the judicial process by intimidating an unsequestered jury. This tactic has been used to a much lesser degree locally in Milwaukee County by folks in the gallery being allowed to mean mug, photograph, and video the sitting jurors. Pure scare tactics. The last jury I sat on the judge had to close the gallery, moved the courtroom, advised us to be dropped off and picked up rather than drive ourselves and park, and given a specific evening egress point with posted deputies for the pickups. We ain’t winning.

  4. Mar

    “This tactic has been used to a much lesser degree locally in Milwaukee County by folks in the gallery being allowed to mean mug, photograph, and video the sitting jurors. Pure scare tactics.”
    If true, those judges need to be reported and then removed from the bench. If the judiciary is lost, so is the country.

  5. MjM

    Wizard sez: “This propaganda avalanche is working extremely well for the lefties. ”

    Because they own the mountain. And most of the valley. And the General Store.

    In MN you have a
    Dem gov
    Dem controlled house (by 16 seats while Rs have a two seat advantage in senate),
    Dem (actually, Sharia) AG
    Dem mayors in every major city
    Dem US senators (US reps split 4/4),
    Dem local TV stations (6 ABC, 4 CBS, 4 NBC, 10 PBS vs. 4 Fox which are likely Dem at the local level),
    Dem newspapers (The Star Tribune being the biggest and silliest)

    And when I write “Dem”, that is equal to, at least, “leftist”, and at most extreme Ellison and Omar.

    No need to mention national level Dem ops/institutions/newsies b/c they all simply regurgitate each other and the locals simply parrot whatever the nationals are lying about.

    Now do NY, IL, CA, OR, WA, D.C., etc., etc.. When finished you realize just how absolutely YUGE the Dem propaganda mountain is. And now, how instantaneous it is.

    On the plus side, it’s also demonstrably wrong most of the time.

    You are correct about the Chauvin trial. I listened (except for one segment that became really repetitive and boring). There was a dump truck full of reasonable doubt. The prosecution even put forth three different theories of physical cause of death.

    The jury heard every word … of the mob.

  6. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberals are awful in their disinformation and lies.

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