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0908, 16 Apr 21

Vaccine Surplus

We’re turning a corner. The cultural and policy implications are paramount. Will government officials force people to get vaccinated, or, at least, make participation in modern life impossible without it? Will the social nagging and shaming kick up a notch? I think “yes” to both questions.

In a larger sense, if vaccines are available to anyone who wants one and you have yours, why do you care if someone else doesn’t? We used to be OK with letting people accept their own risks. Are we now shifting to a culture where personal risk is centrally managed by our government?

Many U.S. states and cities have a growing surplus of Covid-19 vaccines, a sign that in some places demand is slowing before a large percentage of the population has been inoculated, according to an analysis by Bloomberg News.

The data indicate as many as one in three doses are unused in some states. Appointments for shots often go untaken, with few people signing up.




Federal officials are in the early stages of rethinking distribution. Vaccines have so far been doled out based on population.


“We’re going to go through stages, as we vaccinate higher and higher portions of populations, where it will make sense for us to continue to watch where vaccines are needed, how vaccines are distributed, the best way to reach more people,” Andy Slavitt, senior adviser for the White House’s Covid Response team, said at the end of March.


0908, 16 April 2021


  1. Mar

    Meanwhile, in Arizona, illegals are flooding over the border and my guess, most are not vaccinated.
    Today, our DPS pulled over a van with 17 illegals and Biden’s Border Patrol did not respond. So, DPS had let the 17 go free.
    With no virus testing. No vaccinations.
    A super spreader event.
    And since this happened on Senile Joe’s watch, Le Roi cheers.

  2. Mar

    Why should we get a vaccine?
    If the fake doctor Fauci says we still have to wear masks and avoid crowds.
    So, what’s the point?
    Another reason that Le Roi’s fake hero doctor is a fraud. He’s just a TV hound bureaucrat. Nothing more. Like Le Roi, he’s a laughing buffon.

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