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0736, 12 Apr 21

Systemic Racism in Our Government Schools

This disparate treatment is not by accident. It is because of intentional policy choices. Our government schools are at the very center of systemic racism in our country. If we want to fight racism, we should start there – NOT by more indoctrination, but by dismantling them and putting power and money in the hands of parents.

MADISON – Most schools in Wisconsin were delivering at least some in-person instruction to students during the first half of the school year but students in the state’s urban centers were most likely to be learning virtually, a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel review of initial state data shows.


Students learning from home during the fall were more likely to be living in poverty and to be children of color while many children living in suburban and rural areas who are more likely to be white had the option of attending class in person, raising concerns over the coronavirus pandemic’s effect on Wisconsin’s longstanding and massive gap in academic achievement between its Black and white students.




By March, nearly every school in Wisconsin was conducting at least some coursework in person, according to a review last month by the USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin.


But for Milwaukee and Madison the availability of in-person education was sparse at that time, with both districts holding classes almost entirely virtual. The two districts — the largest in the state — are in the process of returning most students to in-person classes part of the time.



0736, 12 April 2021

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  1. wisbadgerjim

    So it’s now April 12, 2021. Most schools began the school year around September 1, 2020. It took 7 months for the JS to figure this out. Most of the public had this pegged around September 15. Hiding something? Incompetent? Too busy bashing Republicans? Now go investigate where Mayor Milkcarton and Governor Groundhog are hiding.

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