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1151, 06 Apr 21

Wisconsin Overpaid Unemployment by $102 Million (so far)

Yikes. The screw ups keep coming. Meanwhile, sit back and just ponder how much of our grandkids’ money our government is wasting.

Federal data show Wisconsin overpaid $102 million through October. Wisconsin is one of 11 states labeled red on a national map for unacceptably high improper payment rates. A researcher with the National Unemployment Law Project said the long backups to get people paid contributed to the problem.




The Department of Workforce Development did not return our call Monday.




The Labor Department Inspector General estimated $89 billion of CARES Act unemployment money went to people it shouldn’t have.


1151, 06 April 2021


  1. Jason

    The most incompetent leader in the history of our fine state. Thanks Madison and Milwaukee, for “Getting Out The Vote”. Next time, just open a window and throw a few hundred dollars out.

  2. Mar

    Notice that almost all the states higher than WI and just below have Democrat governors.

  3. dad29

    I have a friend who got overpaid. She didn’t know that…..then the State sent a demand letter.

    Smooth move!

  4. MjM

    Looking at the list, something didn’t seem right. Specifically, Kalifornia’s 8.59%.

    Then came the small print…

    “… based on the 3-year data for the period from July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2020.”

    It wasn’t until the last week of Nov. 2020 that Kalifornia found it had paid out $140 million in UI to 30k prisoners/fraudulent applicants. Seven days after that announcement they discovered it was actually over $400 million.

    Unknown is when the data cited/linked to above was released. A snapshot of time, the data is certainly incomplete. It covers only about two months of the $600 enhancement payments started in late April 2020.

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