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1442, 05 Apr 21

Preferences for West Bend Elections

While I don’t live in West Bend anymore, I do have a strong interest in the community in which I raised my kids and in which I have so many friends. I’ve been asked to share my views on the local elections. So, were I to vote in the local elections there, here’s what I would do:

City of West Bend

The even-numbered Aldermanic seats are up for election. I agree completely with former mayor Kraig Sadownikow. The common council has lurched to the left, or at least, become very pro-government. The council is largely serving the interests of the employees instead of the taxpayers. There are two conservatives on the council of 7. Both of them are up for reelection and should be rewarded for their good work. That’s Randy Koehler in District 4 and Meghan Kennedy in District 8.

The remaining two seats are held by two aldermen who consistently vote to enlarge the scope and expense of government. They should be replaced with two conservative candidates, Chris Thompson for District 2 and Tracy Ahrens in District 6.

The opportunity is there to turn the council to a 4-3 conservative majority in a single election. Don’t pass up that chance, Benders.

West Bend School Board

There are three candidates running for two seats. Both of the incumbents are running for reelection.

The West Bend School Board is in an interesting place. They did a good job with hiring the new superintendent and they managed to be ahead of most other public school districts in opening their doors partially during the pandemic. That’s the good news.

The bad news is that they have continued to raise taxes to most allowed by law and introduced some truly leftist indoctrination into the curriculum. Both of the incumbents advanced the misguided referendum in 2019 that failed and are almost certain to support any future referendum effort. As a whole, the board votes are almost always unanimous while the entrenched special interests and “good ol’ boys” have lined up behind the incumbents. There is a reason for that. Follow the money.

Unfortunately, there is not an opportunity to change the direction of the school board this election, but there is an opportunity to start down that path. At the very least, there is an opportunity to elect someone new to the board who will offer a different perspective and be willing to occasionally break ranks with the majority. Disagreement is healthy in a diverse community with conflicting interests. It should worry you when disagreements in the community are not reflected in elected bodies. It is an indication that the elected board is not representing all stakeholders.

Were I to vote, I’d cast a single vote for Jody Geenen. One of the incumbents will win the other seat. It really doesn’t matter which one. They vote the same way.


1442, 05 April 2021


  1. Letsgetreal

    6 straight school board elections and out of 14 candidates only one of Owen’s choices has been elected. How can that be? He is the conservative voice of Washington County (even though he lives in Texas). He continues to call conservative business leaders liberals and yet they continue to be elected by one of the most conservative communities in Wisconsin. Keep swinging Owen…sooner or later you might make contact! Although it seems that an endorsement from Owen is the kiss of death when it comes to WBSD.

  2. Letsgetreal

    and the one that won for Owen beat out Randy Marquardt who was probably Owen’s favorite school board member ever! So really 0 for 14.

  3. Mar

    Or maybe since Owen left, the IQ of West Bend voters drastically decreased.

  4. Letsgetreal

    ummm….the first 5 elections he still lived here…He just moved recently….but nice try. He even tried justifying primary results in previous years and was completely wrong in his predictions for the actual election. He never gave an answer for why he was SO SO wrong in those predictions.

  5. Mar

    Are you a stalker?

  6. Tuerqas

    Predictions? Where did Owen say prediction? If he is 0-14 while promoting conservatives it means that West Bend is voting liberal, not that Owen was ‘wrong’.

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