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2129, 30 Mar 21


That’s comforting.

The perils of working from home while managing the social media account of a major military power have been thrown into sharp relief after the US Strategic Command tweeted a confusing string of gibberish.


Thirteen mysterious characters long, the tweet – “;l;;gmlxzssaw – prompted some on social media to jokingly suggest it was confidential information, for example a password or a nuclear launch code, that had accidentally been leaked.




The Strategic Command’s freedom of information officer said in a statement that “the command’s Twitter manager, while in a telework status, momentarily left the command’s Twitter account open and unattended. His very young child took advantage of the situation and started playing with the keys and unfortunately, and unknowingly, posted the tweet.”

The retired US army lieutenant general Mark Hertling summed up a lot of the response by posting: “It’s a pocket tweet from our nuclear headquarters. Everything’s fine,” with a laughing emoji.


2129, 30 March 2021


  1. dad29

    Looked like a direct quote of Joe Biden* to me.

  2. Mike

    The air force sends lots of similar short messages on their HFGCS frequencies, They are all in a one time pad code so you could be hearing anything from the lunch menu to the launch codes.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    covfefe. !!

  4. Jason

    No Dad, it reminds me of Kamala’s laugh after asked about something serious and deadly.

    Oh and it’s nice to see that the Trump is still living rent free in that empty brain of Leroy, King of the Idiots.

  5. Merlin

    Seems like US Strategic Command has some billets that would be better left empty.

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