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0804, 29 Mar 21

COVID-19 Ends Child Abuse

Yet another consequence of our lockdowns and pandemic responses. We have rended the social fabric in the name of “safety.”

An Associated Press analysis of state data reveals that the coronavirus pandemic has ripped away several systemic safety nets for millions of Americans — many of them children like Ava. It found that child abuse reports, investigations, substantiated allegations and interventions have dropped at a staggering rate, increasing risks for the most vulnerable of families in the U.S.


In the AP’s analysis, it found more than 400,000 fewer child welfare concerns reported during the pandemic and 200,000 fewer child abuse and neglect investigations and assessments compared with the same time period of 2019. That represents a national total decrease of 18% in both total reports and investigations.


0804, 29 March 2021


  1. Merlin

    This is what qualifies as good news in the Left’s three monkeys approach to reality.

  2. Tuerqas

    I am sure there is a lib science that explains this. Maybe Covid 19 mainly killed molesters. Maybe global warming has warmed the hearts of abusers, mellowing everyone out. I am sure there is something scienceish.

  3. Mar

    Or it could be that schools and churches were shut down, thus cutting down on child sex abuse by teachers and clergy.

  4. Mar

    Meanwhile, in San Diego,illegal kids from South America are going to get free in person schooling.
    Meanwhile, kids in San Diego still have to learn by Zoom.
    Liberalism is a mental disorder.

  5. Tuerqas

    “Meanwhile, in San Diego, illegal kids from South America are going to get free in person schooling.”

    Hey at least some kids in America will get in person learning…

  6. Mar

    “Hey at least some kids in America will get in person learning…”
    Maybe the students in San Diego should break into the Biden concentration camps for schooling?
    If they get as arrested then everyone would be illegal.

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