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2035, 27 Mar 21

“The alternative future is an unjust, atomised, deeply inhuman place.”

Follow the link and read this whole thing.

This has been the deliberate shattering, in the name of virus control, of what was left of our common life.


Between individual experiences and those on the bigger scale of national or international politics lies most of human society: clubs, church groups, voluntary associations, the whole organic life of communities great and small. All of this relies on peer- to-peer social connection – and it was all abruptly halted by lockdown.




It’s just difficult to see, because everything now, from our media to Government lockdown policy, seems geared toward ‘just me’ or ‘everything’ – but nothing in between.


Who cares about local life, now our public conversation happens online, at colossal scale, in terms set by Chinese companies and Silicon Valley social justice evangelists and massaged by algorithms?


The answer has to be: us. We care. Even as it’s grown harder to see our life in common, we need it more than ever. The alternative future is an unjust, atomised, deeply inhuman place.


2035, 27 March 2021


  1. Mar

    In all fairness,it depends on where you live.
    The writer is from the UK, where their response was extremely draconian compared to most of the US. The only draconian areas in the US, for the most part were liberal areas of the country, where the Chinese virus was politicalized.
    In the UK, people were arrested going to the park or walking down the street.
    Where I live, were are back to normal, for the most part. No mask mandates, no business is closed, restaurants and bars are open. If you want to wear a mask, great, if a Business demands you wear a mask, well, I’m not going to patronize that business. The people that live here refused to bow down down to the government and frauds like fake Fauci and Senile Joe.
    So, it really depends where you live.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    In other words a dystopian nightmare filled with nasty woke liberals.

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