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0740, 22 Mar 21

Liberal San Fran School Board Member Refuses to Resign After Racist Tweets

Wow. And this wasn’t 30 years ago… it was 5 years ago.

The entire senior staff of the San Francisco schools has denounced a black school board member’s tweets that claimed Asian Americans use ‘white supremacist thinking’ to get ahead.


In her tweets, she also referred to Asian Americans as ‘house n***ers’.


On Sunday, 19 top administrators at the district’s central office condemned the 2016 tweets from the board’s Vice President Alison Collins, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.



Their statement addressed Collins’ tweets that she shared on December 4, 2016.



She also included a reference comparing Asian Americans to ‘house n***ers’.


‘Where are the vocal Asians speaking up against Trump? Don’t Asian Americans know they are on his list as well? Do they think they won’t be deported? profiled? beaten? Being a house n****r is still being a n****r. You’re still considered “the help,'” she tweeted at the time.


0740, 22 March 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    1.) I am so sick of this vile, sick, disgusting, leftist notion, that hard work, rugged individualism, deferred gratification is “whiteness” at work. It is deep seeded, vile, liberal racism.

    2.) Liberals have been hating on Asian Americans for some time! In NY Asians occupied 52% of magnet school placements. Liberal Hate monger Deblasio couldn’t stand that and essentially destroyed magnet schools than let Asians continue to succeed.

    There are numerous other examples of leftist war on Asians, especially in Frisco.

    I am utterly disgusted by leftist woke lexicon these days.

    But Nord will lend his support in silence by failing to criticize the vile, reprehensible leftist lexicon hate.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    The shooter in Atlanra is an admitted Democrat and admitedly voted for Biden.

    The anti-Asian motive disappeared fast in the vile, disgusting liberal press when that was learned.

    We need to get control of vile liberal racists in this nation and the problem is vast!

  3. Mar

    Of course, her excuse was that it was President Trump’s fault.
    Another liberal that refuses to take responsibility for their actions.
    Just like another liberal who posts here.

  4. Le Roi du Nord

    The Atlanta shooter is also a long-term Baptist. Are you going to blame the Baptists as well, k?

  5. Kevin Scheunemann


    No, because if he was acting in the faith, he would not have acted like a godless liberal at an abortion clinic.

    How Baptist can you be when you vote for politicians supporting baby killing?

    Anti- Asian racism is all openly emanating from leftists these days, its disgusting!

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    So k, your policy is that you can’t be a Baptist unless you are a republican, correct? What about freedom of religion, and the 1st Amendment protections? Or do you feel entitled to pick and choose which constitutional protects apply on a case by case basis?

    And your decree will come as a surprise to a fishing buddy of mine, a 35+ year Baptist preacher in Florida .

    And could you show even an iota of proof of your claim that “leftists” are the source of all anti-Asian racism? Please, use facts.

  7. Mar

    “So k, your policy is that you can’t be a Baptist unless you are a republican, correct?”
    He didn’t say that. He didn’t even mention the word “Republican” Now you’re making things up .
    Such a troll.

  8. Kevin Scheunemann


    I am saying I question your “Baptist” commitement if you visit contantly visit brothels pretending to be massage parlors, shoot the place up, kill people, consisitently support baby killers at ballot box….I am saying those actions ARE CONTRARY TO THE GOSPEL. If a believer acts like an unbeliever at a typical baby killing abortion clinic, what evidence do we have faith even exists?

    If we cannot distinguish a believer’s actions from the godless, that is a serious problem. What good is being a Baptist in the Gospel if we cannot tell the difference between the godless liberal evil baby killers and the Christian, even in the smallest degree?

  9. Le Roi du Nord


    Then why put a label on everyone? Why not just say this is a bad person, who did a terrible thing, rather than condemn someone because they vote differently than you, or go to a different church, or no church?

  10. Mar

    Le Roi, do you realize how stupid you sound when you write this:
    “Then why put a label on everyone? Why not just say this is a bad person, who did a terrible thing, rather than condemn someone because they vote differently than you, or go to a different church, or no church?”
    Hell, you do this all the time. You cannot even say a liberal child pervert who gets off watching babies and young children being raped.
    You refuse to condemn other liberals commit other horrific acts.
    Yes, you write very stupid things and don’t even realize it.

  11. Le Roi du Nord

    Not anywhere near how you sound, 24/7/365. Now go call Keith Hernandez a murderer again….

  12. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are such a hypocrite!

    You are the one dragging labels into the issue alleging he was “baptist”, when his actions scream otherwise.

    I’ve asked you to label evil many times, from vile child porn perverts to Cuomo killing old people. You constantly punt. You like godlessness and celebrate it.

  13. Mar

    I guess your last troll post is you admitting that you are just plain stupid and a troll.
    I’m glad you admit that.
    BTW, the shooter in Colorado was a President Trump hater and known to the FBI.
    Should the FBI be worried about you, Le Roi?
    Both of you hate Trump. Both of you are mentally unhinged. Both of you cry for your mommy. Both of you are liberal, though the thug is probably smarter than you. A snail with a lobotomy is smarter than you.

  14. MHMaley

    What does abortion have to do with a
    gunman who murdered 10 people ?
    Absolutely nothing .

  15. Mar

    And MHMaley, your comment has nothing to do with Kevin was saying.
    Reading comprehension issues?

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