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2022, 21 Mar 21

New York Democrats Continue to Back Cuomo

For a man who personally killed thousands of New Yorkers through his disastrous COVID-19 response and has allegedly spent a lifetime abusing women, this is a stunning indictment of the voters of New York – particularly Democrats.

Most New Yorkers don’t want Cuomo to step down. Even in a Quinnipiac University poll out this week, which was among Cuomo’s worst, more New Yorkers want him to stay in office (49%) than resign (43%). No other poll has had numbers that bad. Fewer voters (36%) believe he should be impeached and removed from office.


Of course, Cuomo’s strength comes in large part from his Democratic base. Remember that if the rest of the electorate abandons him, New York is still a strongly blue state.
In his worst rating recently (Quinnipiac’s favorable rating), his net favorability (favorable – unfavorable) stood at +18 points among Democrats. His net favorability rating among Black voters was +51 points. A mere 19% of Black voters and 23% of Democrats want him out of office.

2022, 21 March 2021


  1. Mar

    What do you expect from liberals? They are unethical and support perverts and mass murderers.
    Like someone else here.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberal tyrants literally kill people in their own state.

    Liberals cheer.

    Shows how vile, corrupt and disgusting liberalism has become.

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