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1045, 20 Mar 21

The State Propaganda Paper

Pointing our glaring bias in our media outlets is almost passe, but we do need to keep doing it. Media outlets like the Milwaukee paper are no longer trustworthy news sources. Their editorial bias has deeply infected their news content. They are simply a propaganda machine for the Democratic Party. They may occasionally run a story counter to the narrative, but that is either accidental or an intentional fig leaf to provide a veneer of objectivity.

In this case, the constant attack on Senator Johnson is an intentional campaign designed to unseat him next year if he chooses to seek reelection. The Milwaukee paper is just a participant in the campaign. You shouldn’t read anything more into their attacks than you would if they were printed on Democratic Party letterhead.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s double standard when it comes to U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) and suspended Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Brett Blomme is a glaring one.


The Journal Sentinel, in its latest relentless attack piece against Johnson, this one by Molly Beck and Patrick Marley, is fervently highlighting the fact that he received donations from an out-of-state business owner who said horrific things about Muslims. This comes on top of a series of other scathing articles, all meant to falsely paint Johnson as a racist in what smacks of a blatant attempt to help the left flip his Senate seat.


However, the newspaper is not running the same fervently negative toned hit jobs – er, stories – on Milwaukee County Children’s Court Judge Brett Blomme’s ties to prominent Democrats, including U.S. Rep. Gwen Moore (D-Wisconsin), Milwaukee Common Council President Cavalier Johnson, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, state Sen. Tim Carpenter, and the state Democratic Party, which helped fund his judicial campaign a few months ago. (The complaint charging Blomme alleges that he shared vile rape videos of toddlers and other children, some using courthouse IP addresses.)


1045, 20 March 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    This is what liberal media does, elevate liberal perverts over good, honorable people.

    Nord cheers liberal media here.

  2. Mar

    The media should be running stories like why this pervert still has unsupervised access to his children, why he still has access to the internet and let out on a $500 bond something other defendants facing similar charges would not get.
    And why isn’t he on house arrest?
    And the GOP should be yelling that this pervert needs to resign immediately and if not, they need to bring impeachment proceedings ASAP.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    No k, I think rojo has created his own mess; downplaying the Capital riots, denying the seriousness of coronavirus, trying to overturn the election, and most recently, showing off his racist tendencies. He has shown at every opportunity that he is unfit for office, and an embarrassment to the great state of WI.

  4. Mar

    Looks like Le Roi supports the pervert judge. Shocking but not surprising.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    No surprise Nord says little about Democrat child porn pervert, but tries to tear down God fearing Christian.

  6. Mar

    Birds of a feather.

  7. Le Roi du Nord


    Please point out where I made any comment in support of the judge. Or are you just making stuff up again.

  8. Merlin

    On the bright side, they generally manage to get the sports scores correct.

  9. Mar

    Your lack of writing about the pervert while writing your usual gate leads me to believe you support the judge.
    Prove me wrong, Troll Boy.

  10. Mar

    Do, now, sociopath, you had 2 chances to condemn the pervert judge, and you chose not to.
    So, one can make the logical conclusion that you support the judge.

  11. dad29

    they generally manage to get the sports scores correct.

    Also the death notices.

  12. Le Roi du Nord


    You and logic are in the same universe.

    Now point out where I made any comment about supporting the judge. Or will you just make up some more nonsense?

  13. Mar

    Ok, that’s 3 troll posts supporting the liberal pervert judge.
    Birds of a feather, right Le Roi?

  14. Le Roi du Nord

    Wrong again, mar. That is 0 posts from me supporting the judge. Once again your math fails you.

  15. Kevin Scheunemann


    When you do more to smear a good Christian man, (who was not any part of the story at all) than a liberal child porn pervert Democrat Tom Barrett constantly praised…your immorality and indecency screams volumes.

    You have done awful things in past, but this might be the winner in your gross incivility.

  16. Mar

    And another troll post.

  17. Mar

    And now that is now 4 posts supporting the pervert judge by the sociopath, Le Roi.
    Birds of a feather stuck together.

  18. Le Roi du Nord


    Did you read the story? Or is your comprehension failing you again? Because rojo IS mentioned, several times. And could you point out where I “constantly praised” Barrett ? You are being pretty untruthful for a christian, and on Sunday, no less. Repent, k, before it is too late !


    And where did I post any support for the judge? You are still just making stuff up. Maybe you and k can work together on all the false allegations.

  19. Mar

    And the sociopath shows his support for pervert judge. Are you the judge’s husband?

  20. Kevin Scheunemann


    I said he was not part of the child perversion story at all!

    Owen’s post was comparing the differing issue.

    The takaway is: liberals get away with sick, vile, perversity….yet all you could focus on was tearing down an honorable man!

    You are as sick and vile as the liberal media.

  21. Le Roi du Nord


    And another takeaway is that you can’t argue any point without making false claims about any and all that disagree with you. What a small and petty life you lead.

    And no, mar , I haven’t shown any support for the judge, and you can’t find any proof I did.

  22. Mar

    Silence means support. You just cannot say anything bad about a fellow liberal.
    You support this judge and his activities.
    Why? Why cannot you just come out say this guy is a pervert? You had no problem saying Sen. Johnson is bad but cannot say a say thing about the judge, Troll Boy?
    Again, why do you support a perverted judge?
    Again, I think you may be romantically involved with the judge otherwise, most normal people would come out say that what this judge was wrong.
    But as we know, you are not a normal person, right Troll Boy?

  23. Kevin Scheunemann


    You just keep ignoring the vile Democrats out there.

    Enabling vile evil is what you do best.

  24. Le Roi du Nord


    And therein lies your problem, or at least one of them: you don’t know what words mean. Find me a dictionary that says “silence means support”. The same can be said about k, and his false claim that I am “Enabling vile evil”. All of it nonsense, and all of it false.

  25. Mar

    And another post by Le Roi supporting the pervert judge.
    Are you a victim or a perp?

  26. Mar

    And look up the term “silence is violence”, pervert supporter.

  27. Tuerqas

    “And look up the term “silence is violence”, pervert supporter.”

    Ha! Le Roi, your only remaining defense now is to say that you did not personally use the phrase silence is violence. So question (that you won’t answer again}: Do you believe the liberal meme ‘Silence is violence’?

    Gotta side with Mar on this one. Your initial reaction to this post was to attack Ron Johnson and say nothing about the elected liberal pervert. That is the liberal narrative, attack the conservative at any cost and ignore virtually any liberal disgusting perverted and/or evil behavior. You don’t have to ‘support’ the perv, just stay silent on the matter. Liberal bias at its most depraved and you agree with it BY YOUR OWN ACTION. You mirrored it perfectly. The journal sentinel can say the same as you, that it doesn’t ‘support perversion’, but it doesn’t make you look better. On the contrary, it clearly proves your allegiance. I seem to remember that you have said that you look at both sides of issues and have not always supported liberals…liar.

  28. Le Roi du Nord


    Honestly, I had never heard the term, “Silence is violence”, until you guys brought it up.

    But it is interesting that mar keeps moving the goal posts, first he is all over the, “silence means support”, nonsense. And when that doesn’t work he starts with the, “Silence is violence” schtick. Both, in my humble opinion, are nonsense.

    My comments re rojo are addressed to both the original article, and to Owens commentary on same. Whatever criticism our embarrassment of a senator gets is well deserved in light of his recent behavior. If we disagree, that’s part of life. But I never called anyone a pervert, or expressed any support or sympathy with the judge. Anyone with an ability to read would plainly see that.

    Side with mar all you want, but do you really want to be supporting of that type of behavior? You want to call someone a liar, that’s the guy you should be talking to…

    And we disagree once more, and I didn’t call anyone a pervert…..

  29. Mar

    And once again Le Roi refuses to say anything bad about a fellow pervert.
    Birds of a feather stick right Le Roi.
    I guess when I jokingly said you were a child molester, it really turns out to be true.

  30. Kevin Scheunemann


    You are then woefully uninformed about the cancer of godless liberalism.

    If you are going to defend liberals, at least understand what the lexicon is advocating these days.

    Still silent about this liberal pervert darling that encouraged drag queens in front of children?

    You support these liberal perverts corrupting children with perverse liberal lexicon?

    Your silence against overt and perverse evil says it all.

  31. Tuerqas

    “And we disagree once more, and I didn’t call anyone a pervert…..”

    Yeah, and that is a big part of the problem.
    You have said you listen to both sides before you decide on posts and issues, but that is not a side of you that I have seen. Disregarding all of Mar and Kevin’s commentary (as they are as adamantly against and contemptuous of you as you are of them), the post pointed out liberal media bias and you followed lib form in commenting only on the liberal target. You have paid zero attention to the liberal pervert that is barely being mentioned in the news, while trying to lambast a conservative for largely just being conservative. Just like a good little program set on re-run. You ARE programmed. If it was Tammy Baldwin in the news wasting money while a conservative judge had just been un-covered as a child porn lover, I think we both know which person you would be attacking and I would be willing to bet that ‘pervert’ or names with similar meaning would indeed be in your commentary.
    And if your question above was whether I would rather be stuck in a cabin with a liberal computer or a name calling, somewhat rude conservative who may well lie sometimes but thought for himself, I would indeed choose the name calling liar. Heck, even if could re-program the liberal, he’d still just be spewing out what I told it to say
    Btw, I believe you, but have you watched no news lately? I hate the TV news and listen to it less than 3 minutes a day in passing and I have heard of Silence is violence multiple times. It is the hottest new way for liberals to label all non-libs as racists. You better plug yourself in soon to keep up with the latest propaganda.

  32. Mar

    Well said Tuerqas.

  33. Le Roi du Nord


    If you think rojo is just “a conservative for largely just being conservative”, then you might want to tell other “conservatives” who are distancing themselves from him in droves. And if Baldwin made similar nonsensical and blatantly false comments I would be just as disgusted with her.

    Regarding the judge: I have said numerous times on this site that criminals, R or D, conservative or liberal, should all be charged, tried, and if convicted, sentenced appropriately. There is no need, nor purpose (other to salve their egos) from me to make that proclamation each and every time k or mar demand that I do. Hence: I can. and do, think for myself.

    So enjoy your cabin vacation with the name callers, liars and religious fanatics. But keep an eye on your wallet, don’t share your beer, and make them pay their share of expenses.

    So again, we disagree. And again, I didn’t call you a pervert.

  34. Kevin Scheunemann


    You did not call out this judge specifically as a disgusting pervert.

    You did, however, specifically rip Ron Johnson for being a good guy.

    Can you rip this disgusting, pervert, child drag queen supporting, child porn consuming liberal at least half as much as you rip honorable good, Christian, men?

    Or are you just a total, vile, evil enabler?

  35. dad29

    then you might want to tell other “conservatives” who are distancing themselves from him in droves.

    Such as? And “droves” means more than 3, pal.

  36. Mar

    And again, Le Roi dodges the point, he refuses to disown liberals who commit terrible crimes.
    Look at his example: “Regarding the judge: I have said numerous times on this site that criminals, R or D, conservative or liberal, should all be charged, tried, and if convicted, sentenced appropriately.”
    So, pervert Le Roi will wait months, if not years before he will condemn a liberal for awful acts.
    But when it comes to conservatives, he will lie, misquote, engage in false anger before all the facts are known.
    Just an uneducated troll in troll clothing.

  37. Tuerqas

    “So again, we disagree. And again, I didn’t call you a pervert.”

    First, if that is what you feel is the bar we aspire to, note that I have not called you a pervert either, nor insinuated that you were by not commenting on a true pervert. So goodie for both of us. And once again, you decried Johnson for being a conservative while maintaining silence on a liberal wrongdoer. That is the lib formula. Libs will say innocent until proven guilty when what they really mean is Innocent until tomorrow when we start leaving him out of the news.

    On Johnson, he has been a fiscal conservative (quite a bit different than the Rep definition of a conservative these days) much as Paul Ryan was, and has been constantly attacked by libs since he entered office for it. Ryan finally gave in after his budgets were ridiculed out of the House by Dems and condemned by too many Reps trying to look like moderates. I believe Ryan left politics because he could no longer stomach his own platform constructed by the Rep party. Johnson has not given in yet, voting against bad spending sprees every time. Exactly like Obama, he downplayed a virus. Obama was praised by lib media for it, Johnson is still vilified by libs for it. (you included, as you have continued to follow all lib campaign points) It took 2 years for a vaccine to come out for Obama’s virus, it took less than 1 year for Trump’s and he lost the election for that because lib media portrayed it as a complete failure and you programmees parroted it back ad nauseum. Downplayed rioting? You mean like every single lib concerning a full year of BLM riots? Liberal leaders and their media lackeys are so obviously hypocritical, greedy power gatherers…and you still believe they are capable, responsible people. While Republicans doing the same thing are horrible monsters. Think for yourself, HA!
    When you make a comment that does not follow lock-step with the liberal media machine we can start talking about how you think for yourself. No one asked you for a denouncement before your first comment on this thread.

  38. Mar

    Le Roi says: “There is no need, nor purpose (other to salve their egos) from me to make that proclamation each and every time k or mar demand that I do.”
    So, when did I demand you make a statement about this judge?
    Just another lie from Le Roi.

  39. dad29

    LeeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy the Concrete Puddler cannot name ONE ‘Republican fleeing from RoJo.’

    Waste of oxygen.

  40. dad29

    Likely that LeeeeeeeeeeeeeRoy the Concrete Puddler saw the story on Barrett and Baldwin running away from their favorite children’s court judge, the child-porn purveyor/homosexual/drag queen-education “sport,” Blomme–and just made up a story about Pubbies abandoning RoJo.

    Because there’s so much similarity, you see.

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