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0714, 18 Mar 21

Media Pivots to New Narrative

Geez, the media sure went from “racist sex addict nut kills 8 people” to “all of America is racist” at lightening speed. The way they all darted that direction like a flock of Starlings means that there is a reason. They must need to stoke a story to distract from something else. The border? Giant tax increases? The president’s weak mind? COVID getting better? All of the above?


0714, 18 March 2021


  1. Mike

    Thank the educational establishment (the course our fine “governor” took to the top). They have been trying to marginalize and exclude Asians for a while now. Of course the educational elites are trying to pin blame on us white people for the hate they are fomenting.

  2. Jason

    Biden’s failing mental state, the border (which Biden has placed a GAG ORDER on), and Cuomo are the top reasons.

  3. Jason

    Oh and I forgot, recent data and facts from China / WHO that cast serious doubts on Covid coming from a farmer’s market. And “serious doubt” is code for “all but impossible”. That coupled with new information showing a number of Chinese whistleblowers trying to alert authorities / WHO that the Wuhan virus lab was woefully understaffed in experienced scientists means that the Liberal News has to distract the flock.

  4. dad29

    Note the CONSPICUOUS ABSENCE of mention that most of these attacks are perpetrated by blacks?

    Hmmmmm. Wonder why that’s not mentioned…………. Hmmmmmm.

  5. MjM

    “all of America is racist”

    This is new?

    @ Daddio: 2008 crime stats in San Fransisco = In 85% of 300 strong-arm robberies the victims were Asian and the perps were black.

  6. Mark Hoefert

    Violence against Asians was getting heavy play before this incident.

    Several days before this, Biden did a speech condemning the rise in hate crimes against Asians.

    Trump was blamed for last year’s surge, because he called the “Wuhan Virus” the “China Virus”. Supposedly that motivated Americans to blame Asian Americans.

    As Dad29 noted , the absence of the role blacks have played in violence against Asians in this narrative. Vulnerable people (elderly/women) getting attacked on the streets.

    Going back to “the surge” last year – easy to blame Trump for inciting anti-Asian sentiments by calling it the “China Virus”. What political purpose could have been served by noting that the lockdowns put a lot of people out of work and with nothing to do, certain elements had time to hang around the streets?

    No, what we have here is the Democrats doing a happy dance. This is a perfect political opportunity. A white perpetrator, guns involved. Supports the narrative of white supremacy being a danger and the need for gun control. Also helps holds their Asian American political support.

  7. Mar

    President Trump is not in office, so the “press/media”have to find another boogie man/group.
    And Mike is right about liberals behaving in racist ways towards Asians in education, especially in large urban school systems like NYC where they want to get rid of high achieving specialty schools.

  8. Tuerqas

    Remember the old days where the killer would boast his agenda of superiority or religion, etc? Today all we need is a liberal media outlet.
    Something tells me there won’t be much liberal comment on this post…

    And sure, I’ll say it. I have have had back problems for over 35 years and I have looked for new massage parlors quite a few times over the years as I respond well to deep tissue and some Eastern massages use a lot of elbow and knuckles. I had to learn to leave my underwear on if the massage parlor had ‘Asian’, ‘Eastern’ or ‘Oriental’ in the title. Sex addict really does make a lot more sense than racist.

  9. Mar

    It baffles me why Asians support Democrats, based on the horrible way Democrats have treated the Asian community.
    Start with FDR licking up the Japanese in relocation camps and stealing their property.
    Then Truman dropped an atomic bomb on Japan.
    And the wars on the Asian continent (with GOP help), the destroying of the hard work many Asian families do in obtaining education.
    They are like the Jews who vote for the Democrats who many gate Jews and most who hate Israel.
    Of course, everyone is free to chose their poison.

  10. Tuerqas

    I have wondered that too. My best guess has been reputation. According to the people who say things until they are true, Dems love education and Reps hate educators. Even while Dems are destroying the quality of education, Reps take the hits for it and the Asians receive the programming to believe liberalism is the bastion of ‘fairness and acceptance’ while conservatives are knuckle dragging, border defending racists with a strong helping of fascism. And judging by the Governments in the Far East, programming does well. I have read that China specifically gave liberals the idea to begin educational programming. Orientals in general have very strong loyalty to their own peoples. China takes the rap because it is made up of quite a few different races in their country, but most of the Oriental nationalities are very racist. Only the smaller countries homogeneity and liberal news ignoring everyone else’s racist tendencies to concentrate solely on US conservatives keeps the general public ignorant of the fact.
    In most of the studies I have ever come across, the US has consistently been in the lowest brackets of racist behavior.
    It is sad that the hyper news of today can pick 100 individual stories around a nation of 375 million or so and declare that a rampant racist crisis exists for the nation.

  11. Jason

    This just in, going to be taking over the secondary news filler in the coming days…. The filibuster is racist… according to Elizabeth Warren. And based on her history, if anyone knows anything about being racist, it’s her and her use of false race to get further in life.

  12. Jason

    Oh back to my thoughts on Wuhan Flu…

    I guess the NPR is breaking the news that the WHO now thinks they have found the origins of the China Flu….

    >According to a report by NPR, a member of the World Health Organization investigative team says the most likely source of the COVID-19 pandemic are “wildlife farms in southern China.”

    So these scientists want us to completely discard Occam’s Razor, and further strain our incredulity to trust them when they say that the origin is a set of wildlife farms staffed by 14 million Chinese workers… thousands of miles away from the first recorded outbreak. So these 14 million farmers did not get sick, the people transporting the animals did not get sick… it was customers at a market place weakly linked to these farms that got sick – and only in this one market at this one city. The same city that has a virology lab where workers had been blowing whistles for years to anyone who would listen. People listened, but nothing was done… WHO scientists… bullshit. This is what they think passes for science and research? And NPR just blasts it out without any common sense questions?

  13. Mar

    Well, Jason, it is NPR. They have no creditability except among liberals like Le Roi.

  14. Tuerqas

    Occam’s razor has little to do with repeating ’til it’s true. Nothing that supports ANY conservative views will stick in the media, and a current events class at school? Forget about it!

  15. Kevin Scheunemann

    Typical disgusting liberal media incivility.

    Nord cheers.

  16. Le Roi du Nord


    Are you defending Japanese actions leading up to and during WW II ?

  17. Mar

    Umm, no, where did I say that?
    Are you sending the relocation camps? The illegal taking of US&Japanese citizens?
    Are you sending what FDR did?
    And I think the US should have dropped the bomb on Japan, though I would think most Japanese people do not.

  18. Mar

    Should have said “do you favor FDR and the Democrats sending US-Jaoanese citizens to relocation camps.”

  19. dad29

    Let’s get Trump back so he can kick the UN headquarters out of the country.

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