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1915, 17 Mar 21

Biden Escalates Relations with Russia

What’s the end game here? Is this a foreign policy stratagem (perhaps not a bad one) or just bumbling? Where is Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken?

Russia has recalled its ambassador to the U.S. in a dramatic escalation in the fraught relations between the two powers – after President Joe Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a ‘killer.’


The moves comes after the White House has spent weeks telegraphing a tougher posture toward Russia under a Biden administration – and Moscow has once again bristled at accusations that it serves as a ‘malign’ influence in global affairs.


Fueling the rising tensions is a startling new assessment by U.S. intelligence that lays out Russia’s campaign to influence the 2020 elections – on the heels of the Treasury Department slapping sanctions on officials as retaliation for the poisoning of opposition figure Alexei Navalny with a chemical agent. Among those hit with sanctions was the director of Russia’s foreign intelligence service, the FSB.


The extraordinary move by Moscow – undertaken by nations wishing to send a serious diplomatic signal – came after Biden not only ripped into Putin but vowed the Russian strongman would ‘pay a price.’


1915, 17 March 2021


  1. dad29

    This is interesting. One wonders why Biden is poking the Bear and largely ignoring Red CHina’s genocide(s).

    Another news item tells us that Koch Industries is pouring money into ‘think’-tanks who advocate IGNORING Russkie human-rights violations.

    Of course, Koch has a lot of money tied up in Russian oil and oil-transport.

  2. Tuerqas

    after President Joe Biden referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin as a ‘killer.’

    And every American President hasn’t been? Our greatest Presidents were ‘killers’ too. They were ‘responsible’ for all the deaths of the Civil War depending upon how you would like to define events, and Washington killed thousands of Colonials, British and Native Americans. Leaders of superpowers shouldn’t be such babies. Modern Chinese leaders are much bigger killers than Putin, I wonder how Biden will refer to them.

  3. Jason

    Obama even bragged about being good at it Tuerqas – and we all know that Biden still bends the knee to the big O.

  4. Mar

    “Biden still bends the knee to the big O.”
    I can think of a different body part Biden bends towards President Sparklefart.

  5. Tuerqas

    Oh…that wasn’t what Jason meant;)?

  6. Mar

    So, Putin just challenged Senile Joe to a 1:1 talk, live and on TV.
    Yeah, that’s not going to happen.
    President Trump would have taken the challenge.
    But Senile Joe and President Harris just slink away like cowards.

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