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1559, 08 Mar 21

Prisoners To Receive Stimulus Checks

Your grandchildren’s money at work.

We were told by a source in the Wisconsin state prison system that people would be shocked if they knew how many inmates are getting economic stimulus checks from the government.


The checks keep flowing into the prisons, the source said.


How many Wisconsin inmates are getting checks? The prison system says it’s impossible to calculate, but, with approximately 20,000 inmates, and based on what our source told us, it’s a lot.


This comes as Republican Sen. Tom Cotton has been using his Twitter page to reveal that heinous criminals across the country – such as the Boston Marathon bomber and mass shooter at a historic black church – are getting $1,400 stimulus checks.


1559, 08 March 2021


  1. Mar

    It’s not a rumour, it is fact. It’s been talked about in California for awhile.
    Basically, if an inmate has children, whoever is taking care of the children will get the inmates money.
    Not even the victim’s of the inmate.
    The inmate won’t get the money, though.

  2. Mar

    Or, I could be wrong and child rapists and white supremacists get the money.

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