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0821, 06 Mar 21

Charlamagne Calls For Consistency in Biden Voters

Remember back in the day when Maher liked to portray himself as a truth-teller who held all sides accountable? It looks like he has ceded that role to Charlamagne. 

Charlamagne responded ‘It’s kinda hard to ask Cuomo to resign when ‘you voted for Joe Biden.


‘If you weren’t more upset with Joe Biden, who had more serious allegations…’


‘No, he didn’t!’ Maher interrupted


‘Yeah, he was accused of actual rape,’ Charlamagne said.


‘No, he wasn’t,’ Maher maintained.


‘What are you talking about?!’ Charlamagne gasped.


‘Are you talking about the hallway incident?’ Maher questioned.


‘Tara Reade!’ Charlamagne responded.


‘Well, I don’t believe that,’ said Maher, as he dismissed the allegations.


0821, 06 March 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Cuomo is,being thrown to wolves because of him killing old people.

    Democrats want it to be because of his rapey behavior so Party can bury the tens of thousands of Covid deaths he caused.
    Disgusting all the way around.

  2. dad29

    That’s the cover story, Kevin. Note that his …..activities with women…….go back a few years but nothing was said then, and that his wanton slaughter of grandparents was ignored.

    But since he represent(ed) a threat to the Obama wing of the Party, he will be erased. FYI, the same thing is happening to Bill Clinton–a proxy for Hillary.

    This is actually good news, as the Obama/Communist faction which includes Evers and his gang, will be thoroughly rejected by ordinary voting citizens. That’s why they’re moving as fast as they can to nullify actual “voting” and the God-given right to self-defense and defense of the Nation.

  3. MHMaley

    Anyone and everyone who cast a ballot for Trump in 2016 or 2020 need’s to sit out any pearl clutching over Joe’s past behavior .

    They won’t , but they should .

  4. Mar

    Oh, MHMsley, you just got a Trumpworm running through your mind, gnawing away at your few existing brain cells.
    Trump is gone and Biden is onstage for all to see and hear and so is Cuomo.
    Deal with the current issues.

  5. Kevin Scheunemann

    Oh Maley,
    Republicans are not pearl clutching on his rapey like touching. DEMOCRATS ARE! they want him gone.

    But they don’t want him gone because of all the nursing home deaths he caused, they want him gone on his Clinton-like rapey behavior.

    Problem for Democrats is: hypocrites like Hillary, AOC, Omar, Pressley don’t believe all women here.

    Pretty sick and disgusting exercise by Democrats all the way around.

  6. MjM

    MuhMaley demands: ..”sit out any pearl clutching over Joe’s past behavior .”

    ~snort~ To dumb to understand how mocking the sheet out of your leftnik hypocrisy works.

  7. Merlin

    Everyone knows that Dems don’t have a problem with sexual deviancy of any kind, killing of the unborn, or euthanizing the elderly. So what exactly are Cuomo’s political sins that warrant him being exiled? Being a horndog has always been a qualifier for their presidential candidates, so his treatment/mistreatment of women certainly can’t be a factor. They loved him enough recently to award him an Emmy for his anti-Trump pandemic performance and projected him as a possible future presidential contender. Proxy killing old folks and chasing skirts doesn’t even qualify as misdemeanors in the Dem world. Maybe he was seen exiting a confessional.

  8. Mar

    Meanwhile, Senile Joe’s dogs are sent back to Deleware because Senile Joe could not control his dogs. They bit a person at White House.
    Normally, they would put the dog down.
    But because Senile Joe is sacred, they let the dogs live.

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