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0744, 05 Mar 21

COVID Cases Plunge in Nursing Homes


New coronavirus cases in Wisconsin nursing homes have taken a nose-dive since the first week of vaccinations and were in the single digits in the latest week reported to the federal government.


In the week from Feb. 15 to 21, only eight nursing home residents tested positive for COVID-19, according to the latest data reported by Wisconsin nursing homes to the federal government.


Nursing home cases have been on the decline since mid-November when cases peaked following a deadly surge of COVID-19 statewide.


But the weekly rate of cases has continued to plummet since a vaccine became available to nursing home residents, falling 97% from late December through the third week of February.


0744, 05 March 2021


  1. ThreeJanz

    Go figure, the vaccines work!

  2. Mar

    This not surprising.
    I listen to the EMS/fire cc all’s in Dane County.
    About 2 months ago, most of the EMS calls were for breathing problems.
    Now, within the last couple of weeks, there are more transports to the hospital for reactions to the vaccine than for breathing problems related to Covid.

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