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0708, 24 Feb 21

#nevertrump = #joebiden?

It is remarkable how much the Never Trumpers continue to pound on Trump and Republicans and give tacit or vocal support for Dem policies. It’s almost as if they lack an ideological core. Almost…

Forget Trump for a moment, go back to the Tea Party. The argument from grassroots conservatives is that Washington, D.C. was too powerful, too insular, too self-interested. The powers that be taxed too much, spent too much, dictated too much, and gave-up on middle class families in the middle of the country.


President Trump’s pledge to Make America Great Again simply expanded upon that.


We saw jobs grow, wages rise, American pride restored, tax cut, real people helped. President Trump secured the border, recognized that China is not our benevolent friend, and he pushed back on the cancel culture that is running everything from The Muppet Show to public schools.


Joe Biden is the opposite of all of that.

Here is the simple answer as to why Republicans, especially conservatives, should not turn to Joe.


He stands for the opposite of what Republicans and conservatives believe. We believe in small government, individual freedom, and personal responsibility. We believe in God, country, and family. We believe that the United States of America, flawed as it has been, is the best country on earth and the best country in the history of this earth. Nowhere else can people come to a country and succeed like they can here. Nowhere else are people lining-up to come live the American Dream.


Joe Biden, and his modern Democratic supporters, don’t believe or support any of that. And apparently neither does Bill Crystal or the other #NeverTrumpers.


0708, 24 February 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Never Trumpers were really Democrats. If you cared for the country, turning it over to Joe Biden was not good for the country.

  2. Merlin

    NeverTrumpers are elitists at their core who fancy themselves as public intellectuals. They’re Republicans who dabbled with conservatism while it was convenient and still risk averse (and profitable), but horribly miscalculated the staying power of the Tea Party movement and were absolutely steamrolled by Trump’s MAGA.

    NeverTrumpers cannot become Democrats simply because the Democrat elite class is already full. Their audience on the right is rapidly shrinking to nil, which means their very limited usefulness to Democrats as influencers on the unruly right has all but evaporated. Sooner or later the NeverTrumpers will either quietly evolve with the next incarnation of MAGA or their voices will disappear.

  3. Tuerqas

    From personal experience Kevin is right on. 5 of the 6 never Trumpers in my circles of friends had voted Democrat most of their lives. One always said they voted all ways depending upon the individual. I have no reason to call him a liar, but on every issue that ever came up in conversation he was pretty far left every time.

  4. Mar

    Well, I think the never Trumpets cost President Trump the election. For instance, over 37,000 people voted down ballot didn’t vote for president.y guess is that most were McCain supporters.
    So, they won’t have Trump as president but now they are stuck with socialism and stupidity. Now they have a senile president and a dumbass vice president who hardly anyone likes.

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