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2132, 20 Feb 21

Shootout At the Range

This seems like a predictable result.

‘We had one initial shooter here at the scene who hit two victims inside the location, both of them have been identified as deceased at this location,’ said Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joe Lopinto during a brief press conference.


‘It appears that several individuals ended up engaging that suspect, whether inside or out here in the parking lot.’


The outlet reported that the suspect got into an argument with a clerk who told him he should not have a loaded gun until he got inside the range.


Shots were fired when two customers on the indoor range engaged the man, sources told the outlet. Sources told WESH-TV that the man was shot and fired back at the two customers.


Police sources told the outlet that people on the range engaged the shooter to try and keep others safe.


2132, 20 February 2021


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