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1955, 18 Feb 21

Cruz Cruises


A chastened Ted Cruz landed back in Houston on Thursday afternoon and said he ‘regrets’ flying to Cancun in the middle of the state’s energy crisis for a vacation, but insisted he was ‘just trying to be a dad’.


Cruz enraged his state by fleeing in the midst of the worst snow storms to hit in decades, with the power failing for millions of Americans, and people left freezing in the subzero temperatures.

Horrible optics, for sure, but it is a bit disheartening that people think that it is the role of a U.S. Senator to jump to the aid of a weather crisis. Do we really rely on politicians to fix all of our problems?


1955, 18 February 2021


  1. Mar

    Stupid, mostly uneducated liberals in Texas.
    The power grid is not connected to the national gridto so there was nothing Cruz to do.
    The power grid is regulated by the State of Texas, not the Feds.
    Just plain stupidity and jealously.

  2. Jason

    The Democrat Party of Texas has called for his resignation. This is now the 21st time they have called for his resignation over his career. They’re as unhealthily obsessed with an opponent as Pelosi and Schumer are. Oh and as obsessed as Leroy Cuomo whenever Kevin posts here.

  3. dad29

    Somebody has to ask Cruz leading questions which were fed to them by the Left. Look again at the text of his answers and the BS line ‘enraged his State.’

    The WHOLE State? Some? >75%? Get the idea? First they made up “enraged” then added “his State.”

    No different from that Marxist dame who’s all over the TeeVee “news” pushing her BLM line of crap. You have to wonder about the IQ level of “journalists” who lick her boots.

  4. Mar

    Meanwhile, the dimwits complaining about Cruz say nothing about Senile Joe taking a snow day today.
    But I guess when you have no idea where you are and keep bumping into walls when he gets out of his hospital bed. But at least he has his foam helmet to protect those demented brain cells.

  5. MHMaley

    Remind me again what party controls Texas Energy policy and has since Ann Richards .

    Haven’t they had Republican Governors since W , 2 Senators , the current Governor and the ex Governor was the Energy Secretary for 4 years .. but it the Democrats fault ?

    It’s California’s fault ?

    Who would believe any of that ?
    Present company excluded .

  6. Mar

    “He, and others like him, just can’t help themselves when it comes to avoiding the truth.”
    Well, you certainly have that in common with Cruz sociopath.
    You lecturing someone about lying? That’s hilarious.

  7. Mar

    MHMaley, yes, it is the GOP’s fault for buying into the climate change hoax and depending on windmills and natural gas instead of coal and nuclear power.

  8. Pat

    While Ted fled AOC was busy helping the citizens of Texas. Thanks AOC!!!

  9. Mar

    Tell me Pat, what could Cruz do to get the power back on?

  10. MHMaley

    When the going gets tough , the tough go to Cancun ?

  11. Mar

    “There you go again, mar, making stuff up, “climate change hoax”. CC/GW is real, it isn’t a hoax, and we see proof of that all the time.”
    Show me actual evidence. Show me facts. Not theories.
    You got nothing, pervert boy.
    Could Texas handled the situation better, sure.
    But they fell for the green energy hoax and now are paying for it.

  12. Mar

    “When the going gets tough , the tough go to Cancun ?”
    I prefer somewhere in the US, like Phoenix or Las Vegas.

  13. Pat

    “ Tell me Pat, what could Cruz do to get the power back on?”

    I can’t give you an answer, Mar. But I’m sure he could figure out something he could do to help those in need in his home state.

    What do you think?

  14. Le Roi du Nord


    I have provided you with plenty of facts, and numerous times. And you want more? Do some research on your own, there are plenty of scientific articles out there, ones that use actual facts, unlike you. Go ahead, get smart, improve your lot, be enlightened !

  15. Jason

    >There are dozens of stories out there describing how CC had an effect on the Texas situation, and a lot of scientific articles as well.

    Sorry Leroy Cuomo, but as you’ve said in the past… Weather is not Climate. You can’t use a natural weather event that has happened many times before to prove Global Warming. Try harder.

  16. Le Roi du Nord


    There is no “green energy hoax”. 75% of TX energy generation is coal, NG and nukes. You are the hoax.


    Correct, for once. But look at causes for that occurrence, frequency, severity, etc. Think like a scientist, not like mar.

  17. Mar

    I’ve done my research, pervert boy.
    And my conclusion is that climate change is a hoax.
    And so do the the celebrities who claim climate is real but go out and fly in their private planes, buy into private plane companies, have big yachts and homes.
    But, pervert boy, you are a good little Nazi and believe whatever is told to you. You are a sheeple and do not use the 5 brain cells God gave you.
    Your just an uneducated first grade drop out fool.

  18. Mar

    Pervert boy, the natural gas filed, moron.
    And the evidence you ever brought is just theory, no actual facts.
    And pervert boy, it does snow in Texas and fairly often. You ever hear of the Panhandle Hook?
    Once again, pervert boy brings nothing but troll posts.

  19. Mar

    “natural gas filed,”
    Should have said the natural gas failed.
    I really shouldn’t have to correct but we all know pervert boy is uneducated and dylexic and cannot read.

  20. Le Roi du Nord

    And again mar, you are 100% wrong. Don’t you get tired of being wrong each and every time? You keep doing it over and over and over again. At least you are consistent. And predictable.

  21. Mar

    And yet pervert boy doesn’t point out what was wrong.
    Now, run along, troll boy. There are some neighborhood kids who need some looking after.

  22. Le Roi du Nord

    What part of 100% don’t you understand?

  23. Mar

    So, you got nothing, piss ant.

  24. Le Roi du Nord

    I understand what 100% means. You seem to have trouble with the concept. No surprise.

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