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1446, 12 Feb 21

Ranking Presidents

Do you know what this poll tells us? That we have utterly failed at education and far too many people are just woefully ignorant of our history.

poll from YouGov and The Economist has found that former President Obama was named the best U.S. president while former President Trump was named the worst.


Obama barely beat Abraham Lincoln as best U.S. president with 18 percent. Trump was at 13 percent with people naming him the best president.


Among the worst, Trump got the highest percentage at 46 percent while Obama got the second highest at 24 percent.


1446, 12 February 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Public schools are utterly failed on this topic.

    DEMOCRAT James Buchanan is clearly worst.

    Lincoln is the best. You could, argue Washington deserves #1.

    Obama is not even in top 10. He was an awful, divisive president. Maybe better than Carter, but not better than Kennedy.

    Trump is in top 8.

    You can argue Trump is down the list, but to argue worst when you have awful disgusting, hideous, Democrats like Woodrow Wilson, Johnson, and Buchanan to chose from, it means you would be ignorant of any actual history.

  2. Le Roi du Nord

    Perhaps you could explain your ranking system and criteria “Trump is in top 8” to the family and friends of the 400000 that died of coronavirus, or to the family and friends of the law officer killed in the Capitol riot on Jan. 6th ?

    BTW, I wouldn’t rank Obama as #1, I’d go with Washington, Lincoln or FDR.

  3. Mar

    President Sparklefart number1?
    Sounds like a bunch pot/crack smoking meth heads were the only ones questioned.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann


    So are you saying Obama is responsible for tens of thousands deaths for plagues during his administration?

    And racist DEMOCRAT Woodrow Wilson for millions of Spanish flu deaths?

  5. Le Roi du Nord

    No k, I never said that. You made that all up. Why must you be so disingenuous?

  6. Jason

    >Why must you be so disingenuous?

    It’s no more disingenuous than you using the deaths 400,000 people to hate President Trump.

  7. Kevin Scheunemann


    You were implying Trump had 400,000 deaths on his hands. If Trump is not responsibke for that, why did you bring it up….Mr. disingenuous.

  8. MjM

    No, Owen, what this poll tells us is that they oversampled mostly headline-reading Democrats….

    96. Generally speaking, do you think of yourself as a …?
    Democrat. 35% Republican. 23%
    Independent 27%

    Note that “Independents” are A) far-left nutballs or B) just snobbish Demorats who call themselves “independent” because it sounds enlightened and plants their uplifted noses “above politics”.

  9. MaxwellsEQs

    It is a poll; a popularity contest. Obama is more popular than Trump. Get over it!

    Obama – Mascot for Wall Street/1st Black President

    Trump – Mascot for Racists / Buffoon

    ^My subjective view, take what you will from it.

  10. Kevin Scheunemann


    Subjective? I was thinking “insanely idiotic”.

    Why is Obama’s most important accomplishment being black?

    Trump supporters don’t think Obama had any accomplishments because they don’t think skin color is an issue.

    Your comment makes you a disgusting racist. I’d be careful before you accuse others of it. Look in the mirror first.

  11. Tuerqas

    So after reading this commentary to date, one person is spot on:

    “That we have utterly failed at education and far too many people are just woefully ignorant of our history.”

    Doesn’t matter if you like/hate Obama or Trump. The poll proves that too many people know nothing except a very few tidbits about any of the other Presidents in history. Every Presidential expert that I have ever respected has said that you can’t even accurately judge a President less than 5-10 years after their Presidency has ended. Huh, bad education is a theme today…

  12. Mar

    I wonder how many parades Former President Sparklefart had in his honor yesterday?
    My guess it is at least 1 less than President Trump.

  13. MHMaley

    Buchanan’s biographer argues that Buchanan was the worst based upon the # of people killed in the Civil War .

    But , he agrees that Trump telling the public a virus would go away that has killed almost 500,000 people is going to give Buchanan a run for his money ..
    It’s comes down to Buchanan’s ineptness vs Trump’s willfully lying .

    But , Trump’s last month in office just might seal the deal .

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