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2009, 12 Feb 21

Madison Government Teachers Hold Kids’ Education Hostage Over Politics


In the letter, MTI asked the district and the School Board to provide assurances that the decision to reopen was not influenced by the Republican-controlled Senate Joint Finance Committee’s decision to reward school districts holding in-person classes with additional funding. The committee’s decision affected funding for 172 school districts, which did not include Madison. A district spokesman told the Wisconsin State Journal the decision was not related to the Republican move.

MTI also sought assurances the district would work with health authorities to expedite the delivery of vaccine to educators who have been working in person or who will be returning to classrooms in March and an explanation of the metrics used by the district to determine when it is safe to reopen among other questions.


2009, 12 February 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Only 3 shames? You are generous.

    Nord cheers this awful leftist action.

  2. MaxwellsEQs

    Why do Wisconsin conservatives hate educators so much?

    There are plenty other things going on, but always it is about hate-in on the educators. The Madison teachers do not want to teach in person, the teachers around here want to teach in person.

    Why does what they are doing in Madison matter to you?

  3. Kevin Scheunemann


    Because we care about kids in Madison too….

    Why don’t the teachers out there care? I live by a simple rule, those that refuse to do their job should be fired.

  4. Mar

    “Why do Wisconsin conservatives hate educators so much?”
    No, conservatives don’t hate all teachers.
    We love teachers who don’t bring politics into the classroom. We live teachers who treat the teaching profession as a professional job as opposed to those who are beholden to the teacher unions.
    We love teachers who are not perverts, are not racist, who do not bring politics to work. We live teachers who teach to the subject they are teaching. And we love teachers who actually have real life experiences as opposed to graduating high school, then go right to college and then straight back to the classroom.

  5. ThreeJanz

    Time to fortify school choice even if he vetoes it. Would make for an interesting 2022 campaign platform.

  6. dad29

    Why does what they are doing in Madison matter to you?

    Because if you pay State income or sales-tax, YOU are forced to support Madison schools, along with every other PublickScrewel in the State.


  7. Tuerqas

    “Why do Wisconsin conservatives hate educators so much?”

    “We love teachers who don’t bring politics into the classroom.”

    I think it is a major step further than that, Mar. The whole institution of education has removed teaching critical thought and has been teaching ‘new light’ liberal slants on history. Example Maxwell? sure:

    Today Washington is being portrayed as an Indian killing slave owning liar. Schools in CA are being re-named because Washington is now undeserving of the honor. I have recently learned that an educator told his class about something he had recently heard on a podcast. That Washington did not have wooden teeth, he had teeth made from hippo tusk and “likely teeth from his slaves”. LIKELY? No mention that he freed all his slaves at his death. No mention how many settlers he found slaughtered by Indians egged on by French in the 7 years war, or how it was repeated by the Iroquois, allies of Britain in the Revolutionary war. Only how he had many Iroquois towns destroyed until they broke treaty with the English and stopped their raids. They still mention that he did not take a salary as General, but he had his expenses reimbursed to the tune of 8 million over the 6 years of the war including things like $6000 a month in alcohol and hundreds of limes at a time, for example. No mention that this was used as pain killers (or in place of dirty water, because Congress wouldn’t pay for alcohol for the army) and limes were used to curb scurvy in the Army.

    Re-writing history books using a liberal lens has caused a backlash.
    Conservatives don’t see value in attributing mores of today on people in the past and they don’t want to pay Teachers for the programming of their kids with the new History.

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