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1929, 11 Feb 21

Biden Seeks to Punish Florida for Voting Republican

There a states in worse shape than Florida. So why Florida?

The White House is reportedly considering domestic travel restrictions including in Florida, as variant cases of the coronavirus surge in the Sunshine State, while Gov. Ron DeSantis is pushing back against any possible restrictions, calling them “absurd.”


Officials with the Biden Administration said they are having conversations about anything that could help mitigate spread, including Florida travel restrictions, the Miami Herald reported Wednesday.

And why is Biden opening up our borders to thousands of illegal aliens flooding our country while trying to wall off Florida? How many of those illegal border crossers are getting tested and quarantining?

In a letter to Congress on Thursday, Mr Biden wrote that the order was “unwarranted” and said that no further tax dollars will be spent on the wall.


1929, 11 February 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful, hateful leftists.

  2. Jason

    Room temperature oatmeal has more cognitive ability than Joe Biden and his supporters.

    Recall just last year when Trump mentioned on Twitter about doing some travel restrictions / federal government actions, and all the Dem governors were so very vocal on “States Sovereignty”? I do too.

    Now suddenly they support Federal mandates? Would they if it were New York or Illinois or California being issued restrictions? No, it would show their hypocrisy.

  3. Merlin

    DeSantis is a Trump acolyte and a serious political threat to lead the MAGA movement into the future. That and basic competence at governance makes him an enemy of Democrats everywhere.

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