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2038, 09 Feb 21

“ineffectual and uninspiring”

That’s about right.

Gov. Tony Evers and his administration passed a milestone at the start of the year — the halfway point in his four-year term as governor. Two words come to mind in assessing his term thus far — ineffectual and uninspiring.




If Evers is to make a better grade for the second half of his term as governor, he will need to continue to work to find ways to forge compromise with the Legislature, which will require shelving some of his goals and ideals. He also needs to work at projecting confidence. Those are pillars of effective leadership.


— Kenosha News


2038, 09 February 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    “Awful” is word I had in mind to describe his leftist nonsense.

  2. dad29

    The Kenosha News is being extremely kind to Tin-Pot.

    But then, so are the Republican “leaders” who absolutely refuse to jam Tin-Pot’s agenda up his a** by forcing him to veto proposals which are good for ALL WI citizens–and carefully preparing the PR blitz to show Tin-Pot’s mulish stupidity.

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