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1942, 07 Feb 21

Evers Wants to be Able to Legally Smoke Dope

Clearly a high priority for him. Although, politically stupid. The Democrats have been using this to juice pothead turnout for Democrats for years. They lose that if they actually pass it.

MADISON, Wis. (WMTV) – Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers wants the state to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes.


On Sunday morning, the governor’s office announced he would include the initiative in his upcoming 2021-23 biennial budget. In a statement, he compared the coming proposal to the regulations in neighboring Illinois and Michigan.


“Frankly, red and blue states across the country have moved forward with legalization and there is no reason Wisconsin should be left behind when we know it’s supported by a majority of Wisconsinites,” Evers said.


The Evers Administration pointed to a study by Marquette University that found six in ten Wisconsinites would back legalizing marijuana for recreational purposes, while a full 83 percent support medicinal marijuana.

While the governor is really, really bad at it, this is supposed to be a collaborative negotiation. If he really wants this, which one of the Republican ideas is he willing to support in exchange? Universal School Choice? Spending cuts? Tax cuts? Approve their redistricting maps? Election reform? Anything? Or is this the normal “my way or the highway” style that we have come to expect from Evers?


1942, 07 February 2021


  1. MaxwellsEQs

    After the economic collapse in 2008, a friend of mine, said that when things fall apart they will make weed legal. I

  2. Jason

    Take another hit Maxwell…

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    If we can trade true universal school choice for legalized weed…takr that in a heartbeat. Voucher every kid up and let public schools compete for funding. If public schools get no vouchers, they don’t get funded.

    Let’s do it!

  4. Mar

    Actually, Maxwell is right.
    The politicians don’t care if people get high or not but they just want the extra tax money.
    In Arizona, we just passed referendum for recreational pot and within 2 months, the first stores were opened, which is extremely fast. The reason? Get more tax money and some state official actually said that.

  5. Merlin

    With logic like this it’s no wonder Evers & Co. find day to day governance such struggle.

    Only a committed stoner would believe decriminalization will bring additional revenue because his/her fellow potheads harbor a burning desire to pay new taxes.

  6. Jason

    More and more states are moving to Constitutional Carry, and a majority of Wisconsinites support it, so lets do that too Leroy Evers. Oh, more and more states are moving to School Choice and its supported by a majority of Wisconsinites… lets get that punched out too Dummy Evers.

  7. Mike

    Dems are counting on this being an issue of contention in the next election. The legislature should do this in a single issue bill, That would take away the Dems strategy of making this a referendum issue to motivate lefty voters in the next election. For Dems it’s always about the votes.

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