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1047, 06 Feb 21

Biden Unleashes Immigration Crisis

More illegals means lower wages and higher taxes for Americans. Send your “thank you” cards to the White House. This is a direct result of his policies.

LOS ANGELES — President Biden’s first immigration crisis has already begun as thousands of families have surged toward the southwestern border in recent weeks, propelled by expectations of a friendlier reception and by a change in Mexican policy that makes it harder for the United States to expel some of the migrants.


More than 1,000 people who had been detained after crossing have been released into the country in recent days in a swift reversal from the Trump administration’s near shutdown of the border. Many more people are gathering on the Mexican side, aggravating conditions there and testing America’s ability and willingness to admit migrants during a pandemic.


New families every day have been collecting in Mexican border towns, sleeping in the streets, under bridges and in dry ditches, according to lawyers and aid groups working along the border. On Thursday in Mexicali, across from Calexico, Calif., desperate migrants could be seen trying to scale a border fence. A migrant camp in Matamoros, Mexico, just across a bridge from Texas, has boomed to 1,000 people over the past few weeks.

I guess we aren’t worried about the virus anymore if we’re allowing thousands of illegal immigrants to stream across our border, eh?


1047, 06 February 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful. Just awful. Nord cheers.

  2. Jason

    But according to Leroy Covid hasn’t affected Football.

  3. MjM

    C’mon, man. We gotta fill all those green jobs Babblin’ Joe has created and make up for the 52,187 deaths BJ has caused since he became prez 2.5 weeks ago.

    Besides, he reopened the cages. Plenty of room.

  4. Le Roi du Nord




    No I didn’t.

  5. Mar

    Sociopath, then you don’t support Senile Joe in this matter?
    What other things do you disagree with Senile Joe about?

  6. Kevin Scheunemann


    So you will criticize Biden for this crisis?

  7. Tuerqas

    “More illegals means lower wages and higher taxes for Americans.”

    Liberals say “Huh-uh”!!!
    They are instituting a $15 minimum wage so wages won’t get lower, they’ll get higher, at least for the jobs illegal immigrants will take. (They won’t respond on the higher taxes part, because that part is true)
    And never mind that $15 an hour doesn’t even cover food for yourself in many places liberals are in control, where conservatives live it often buys food, utilities and rent.

    It still kills me that anyone thinks a single coast to coast hourly wage, unadjusted for cost of living, makes any sense to anyone at all. There is that ‘liberal’ sense over common sense again. And soon that will disappear because common sense will be redefined by liberal dictionary writers to mean their
    liberal brand of sense.

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