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1943, 04 Feb 21

Evers Extends Despotic Rule

Good for the legislature for finally acting. The Despot on Mendota responded as one would expect a despot to respond.

About an hour after Assembly Republicans voted to strike down Gov. Tony Evers’ emergency order and mask mandate, the Democratic governor issued a new, identical measure to maintain a statewide mask rule.


Evers’ new order marks the latest in an ongoing battle between the governor and state Republicans, who control the Legislature, over the use of a statewide mask mandate — one of the governor’s last remaining tools aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19, which has killed nearly 6,000 people in the state.


With a new order, Republicans may be forced to start the process of voting down the measure all over again, which one GOP Senator has already said he plans to do. The most likely outcome appears to be an eventual court decision. The Wisconsin Supreme Court has yet to rule on a challenge to the governor’s mask mandate.

It’s not about the masks. For all of the supporters of the governor using endless emergency orders to order people to wear masks because you agree that we should all wear masks, remember that he could also order everyone to NOT wear masks even if you want to. The point is that we should not allow one man to hold that much dominion over us.


1943, 04 February 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    Liberal despot is right.

    Nord cheers despots.

  2. Mar

    The fake doctor, Evers, says it’s about science and not politics.
    But in his political speech, he not once mentioned what the criteria that it would take to end the mask mandate.
    He could work with the legislature but refuses.
    This all about power for the fake doctor Evers.

  3. Le Roi du Nord

    “He could work with the legislature but they refuse”.

    That was a pretty silly error on your part. Fixed it for you.

  4. Mar

    Still waiting to see who has more college classes, Herbert the Pervert sociopath.
    You are such a coward.

  5. Mar

    Also, still waiting for those the court papers you said we’re coming, Herbert the sociopath.
    You said you were going due me for slander.
    Come on you coward.
    Herbert the sociopath, you are such a vile hateful and disgusting human being.

  6. Le Roi du Nord

    Epic fail there , mar. Bravo!!

  7. Mar

    So, once again you got nothing troll boy.
    Do you dress up like a clown Gacy?
    Do you put your victims in 55 gallon drums like Dahmer?
    And I am still waiting, Herbert The sociopath.

  8. Mar

    Don’t you mean, Jason, cowering in her office, 10 minutes away from the Capitol?

  9. Jason

    Yes, if I were able to edit, I would have added “In a different building”. Must be the PTSD I’m having from the Kenosha riots – the same people rioting that AOC has sent money to for their defense funds? Her definition of Victim sure is twisted.

  10. Mar

    The Supreme Court heard the case 3 months ago and still gas not issued a ruling.
    Why are the Supremes sitting on this and not issued a ruling?

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