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2022, 24 Jan 21

Foiled No More

In this rather mundane story about California failing under Democratic rule (predictable), this insight was interesting.

And the frame of reference through which Californians view Newsom is about to change dramatically when Joe Biden replaces Donald Trump in the White House. No longer benefiting from a reliable foil in Washington, the bar of public approval for Newsom — and for Democratic governors across the country — is likely to be raised.

It’s almost as admission that the media has been blaming Trump for the failures of Democratic governors.


2022, 24 January 2021


  1. Jason

    Anyone who isn’t a Dem rube knows that the Media has been totally against Trump for no reason other than Trump didn’t treat them the way they wanted.

  2. Kevin Scheunemann

    almost? You are generous. It is an admission of liberal media.

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