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2144, 24 Jan 21

Chicago Government Teachers Quit En Masse

They refuse to show up for work. That is quitting. Will the school board accept their resignations and go about hiring replacements that actually give a shit about the kids of Chicago?

CHICAGO — The Chicago Teachers Union said Sunday that its members voted to defy an order to return to the classroom over concerns about COVID-19, setting up a showdown with district officials who have said that refusing to return when ordered would amount to an illegal strike.


2144, 24 January 2021


  1. dad29

    They were told ‘no show, no paycheck.’

    This is a setup to get rid of the Mayor. The ‘other Mayor’–Preckwinkle–has been plotting for 2 years.

    For Chicago, either one is a shit sandwich. Well-deserved, too!

  2. Merlin

    It looks like the party of perpetual victimhood has some elements who still need to be taught their place in the grievance hierarchy. Let the pissing contests begin!

  3. Mar

    Teachers and administrators in Chicago and other large urban school districts that refuse to open in in-school teaching are the new KKK.

  4. Kevin Scheunemann

    Awful. Just awful. Total evil.

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