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0706, 21 Jan 21

Phase 1B Preliminarily Approved


The next phase of Wisconsin’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout just got a whole lot bigger.


A state vaccine advisory subcommittee voted on Wednesday morning, Jan. 20 to approve a Phase 1b plan that covers more than 1.6 million Wisconsin residents (33% of the adult population).


The plan, which still needs final approval from the full committee, includes all adults 65 and older, grocery workers, meat processors, transit bus drivers, teachers, daycare workers, college professors, 911 dispatchers, and state prisoners, among others.

Despite Governor Evers’ statements last week, 65+ citizens are NOT able to get the vaccine yet. It still needs final committee approval and then distribution.

At this pace, Evers’ promise of general availability by June seems optimistic.


0706, 21 January 2021


  1. Mar

    Hmmm, then how did the sociopath get approved to get the vaccine if it has not been approved yet?
    And from AARP:Adults 65 and up will be eligible for vaccination starting on Jan. 25, but vaccine supplies are expected to be limited. It may be several weeks before people eligible to get a vaccine can actually schedule an appointment.”

  2. Mark Hoefert

    Mar, I responded to your comment in the other thread.

  3. Mar

    Mark, that would be great if Wisconsin hit herd immunity already. I would caution on the 1-20 number though because of the holiday weekend.

  4. Mark Hoefert

    Mar, the 7-day rolling average on 12/27 was 2287 – there had been absolutely no uptrend after the Thanksgiving holiday, despite the dire predictions made by the “expert”. As of 1/9 it had clicked up to 2996, a very minimal uptick, and then the trend got back on the downward slope. But you may be right about watching – we are 20 days out from New Year’s Day. Some of the post Christmas bump was due to deferred testing and uploading of results between Christmas and New Years.

  5. Jason

    What is interesting Mark, about the trend, is that nothing has changed with regards to social distancing, what is classified as essential business, allowed head counts, mask mandates. And yet the number is going down… and not one liberal I have talked to can explain that.

    All I hear is listen to the science… and all I see around me is that the science is guessing.

  6. Mark Hoefert

    Mar & Jason:

    This guy planning to run against Scott Fitzgerald had said this:

    Things got so bad here in Wisconsin that, according to my calculations (see attached paper):

    Wisconsin was the first state to approach herd immunity!

    At the time Owen posted this, we thought the guy is kind of a goofball. But he does have credentials.

    Dr. Ron Remmel Announces 2022 Run Against Congressman Scott Fitzgerald

    Pretty awesome if WI has managed to reach herd immunity while at the same time being like 33rd in per capita deaths per million. Lots of lives saved, despite the best efforts of our Governor.

  7. Mark Hoefert

    And note that before Inauguration Day, most states were also showing similar downward trends. I checked the top 20 states ranked for number of COVID cases, and only 2 have not seen a noticeable decrease – New Jersey & Virginia. But VIrginia is in it’s 1st wave, where others like New Jersey are in their 2nd waves.

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