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2011, 21 Jan 21

C’mon Man

I haven’t been paying too close attention – busy with living and all that… but is this the first official “C’mon man!” of the Biden presidency?

But when challenged by a reporter who suggested the target might be too low, he snapped back: “When I announced it you all said that it’s not possible. Come on. Give me a break, man.”

On the issue itself, Biden is taking an entirely national approach to the Covid health concern instead of a federal one. I expect that will be his approach on most issues. The centralization of power and money in faraway Washington continues apace.

Meanwhile, his goals are not exactly revolutionary.

She said the Trump administration was provided 36 million doses and pushed out 17 million shots, or about 500,000 per day.

‘What we are proposing is to double that to about 1 million shots per day. We have outlined this goal and objective in coordination and consultation with our health and medical experts,’ she said.

While her numbers add up, what they don’t show is that the prior administration was already on a trajectory to boost the number of shots closer to the 1 million number, with shots per day jumping over 800,000 in the last five days before the inauguration, as more vaccine came online and as states and hospitals stepped up their efforts.

If the past week’s average trajectory were maintained, total vaccination would reach just short of 97 million in the 100 days since vaccines began on December 21, which is 31 days before Biden’s 100 million target.


2011, 21 January 2021


  1. Kevin Scheunemann

    If press treated him half as bad as they treated Trump, Biden would be crying in a fetal position in the cornor.

  2. MjM

    “…and a new office will be established to co-ordinate the national response.”

    Yes, another fat blob of bureaucracy is sure to speed things up.

    Btw, last 7 days averaged 939,973 sticks.

    So, Bablin’ Joe’s “plan” is…. follow Trump.

    But we always knew Babblin’ was a plagiarist.

  3. Mar

    Rules for thee but not for me.
    3 days in his presidency and already the worst president ever.
    “President Joe Biden’s top spokeswoman deflected a question about the commander in chief’s maskless appearance despite his own mandate Wednesday night — telling reporters he was “celebrating an evening of a historic day” and that he’s got “bigger issues to worry about.”
    The response from White House press secretary Jen Psaki came a day after Biden was spotted bare-faced at the Lincoln Memorial, hours after signing an executive order mandating the use of masks on federal property.”

  4. Randall Flagg

    The Trump administration promised 100 million doses

    *by the end of October.

    *by the end of the year

    None of these happened (obviously)

  5. Mar

    I see the dumb ass liberals Randall and the sociopath cannot defend Senile Joe and President Trump is still living in their 5 cell brains.
    Gotta love it.
    And sociopath, you are just a hypocrite. Hate Trump but takes his vaccine.
    Kind of like saying you hate sex with anyone but your wife and then screw the hooker down the street.

  6. Randall Flagg

    Oh the irony of your post Mar, given Trump has been ex-President less than a week, while Hillary Clinton is still living in Trump and his supporters brains Mar after 4+ years.

    The lack of self awareness among Trump supporters continues to amaze me.

  7. Mar

    Thank you for proving me right, Randall.
    You got nothing.
    Trump is eating away at your minimal brain function and you cannot defend Senile Joe.

  8. Randall Flagg

    There is no point in having a logical argument with someone that uses the term “Senile Joe.” That shows a juvenile maturity incapable of adult conversations.

  9. Randall Flagg

    Not bad Jason. Biden does indeed lie.

    It can go along with “Senile dad29”, given because dad29 doesn’t know who made which posts :)

  10. MHMaley

    8 years of “ C’mon man “ are really going to grate on the usual suspects on this page .

  11. Owen

    Nah, I think it’s hilarious. Both dismissive and stupid in one statement. It’s like a poker tell for knowing when he thinks he’s lost the argument.

  12. Mar

    Still have nothing Randall.
    I guess you are just embarrassed that you have a Senile president.
    It would be nice to have a conversation with someone who actually can think. Which I guess that leaves you out, Randall.

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