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2103, 20 Jan 21

What Didn’t Happen

As I predicted, there wasn’t a riot.

There weren’t hordes of Trump supporters trying to storm government building around the country.

Nobody tried to interrupt the inauguration.

No violence.



So I ask again… why the overwhelming armed occupation around the nation?


2103, 20 January 2021


  1. Mar

    Senile Joe: Let’s have unity.
    Senile Joe: Go ahead and impeach President Trump in a senate trial.
    Yeah, he needs to go see the Wizard to get a brain.

  2. Merlin

    Why the overwhelming armed occupation around the nation?

    If you’ve ever taken the uniformed services oath of office you already know the answer to that question. Even if you’ve taken the oath of enlistment you still know the answer to what the military’s allegiance is owed. Not who, but what. It is an oath whose allegiance is required even once the uniform is retired.

    If you’ve never taken either oath, educate yourself.

  3. Mar

    I took the oath, Merlin.
    And it kind of conflicts.
    Follow your interpretation of the Constitution.
    Follow the orders of your superior officers and the commander in chief and their interpretation of the Constitution.l
    What to do?

  4. Mar

    Another thing that didn’t happen:
    President Trump outdrew Senile Joe’s inauguration 10’s of thousands.
    Since the liberals made a big deal with President Trump’s inauguration, let’s be consistent.
    Yeah, this is fun, though, I kind of feel bad making fun of a Senile person.

  5. MHMaley

    This is like the losers in Vegas feeling sorry
    for the senile guy who won all their chips .

    He’s doing just fine and drinking the tears of Trump supporters .

    When you lose Arizona and Georgia in a Presidential vote year and both Senate seats , you definitely picked the right horse .

    Your boy is waiting for the next shoe to drop legally .

    Senile Joe .. ?

    He’s in your boys chair today ripping the heart out of Trump’s executive orders and might even get the virus delivered before another 400,000 are dead .


    .I don’t remember anyone feeling sorry for the guy who just kicked your ass .

    But maybe that’s just what unity looks like .

  6. Mar

    Nice try, MHMaley.
    We are going to have fun with Senile Joe Robinette Biden.
    You cannot defend him.
    Ripping the heart of all that President Trump accomplishments? That will take a few years or more.
    But more likely, he will destroy thousands and thousands of jobs.
    Oh, wait, he already did that.
    Or, at least those who tell him what to do.
    When is your day to change Senile Joe’s diapers, MHMsley?

  7. Mar

    Meanwhile, the sociopath’s heroes, Antifa and BLM are rioting in Portland and Seattle today.
    Not exactly celebrating Senile Joe’s inauguration.
    Just getting out popcorn and beer and watching the liberal bozos make fool of themselves.

  8. Mar

    Gee, the sociopath, one of Senile Joe’s adoring fans, by his own admission, has been silent on Senile Joe’s first day as a illegitimate president.
    What a loser.

  9. Mar

    I watched some replays of the inauguration.
    Senile Joe read the teleprompter pretty well. There were no security breaches. President Trump left quietly, which was surprising .
    But why was Kamala Harris wearing knee pads during the swearing in?

  10. jonnyv

    Classy Mar. Sure, continue to make misogynistic sexual insinuations about the VP. A college graduate and attorney.

    While the guy who just got beat literally raw-dogged a porn star while his wife was recovering from child birth. A dude who was accused by over 17 women of sexual harassment. A slimeball whose wife wouldn’t even sleep in the same room with him. A chump whose wife publicly wouldn’t hold his hand more times than we can count. A LOSER who cheated on every wife he had.

    Should we assume we know where your morals are based on these 2 things?

  11. Tuerqas

    “This is like the losers in Vegas feeling sorry
    for the senile guy who won all their chips .”

    Heh. So even you admit he is senile, good eye. If he is drinking the tears of Trump supporters, he is being spoon fed.

  12. jonnyv

    Oh, my favorite thing… calling the guy who beat your candidate senile. Honestly, what does that say about your guy if he lost to someone like that.

    For the record, Joe isn’t senile from what I can tell. He is old AF tho, and you can see it when he gets up or sits down.

  13. Mar

    So, Jonny, that makes Hillary Senile as well. Or anybody who has list the presidential election.
    And yes, Senile Joe is showing signs of senility. You can see it how he walks, talks and needs directions.
    Some days are better than others and medicines can help temporarily.
    But the signs are there.

  14. jonnyv

    Mar, where did I say that anyone that lost is senile? I think you need to re-read what I wrote.

  15. Tuerqas

    “Oh, my favorite thing… calling the guy who beat your candidate senile. Honestly, what does that say about your guy if he lost to someone like that.”
    It says that he was an independent candidate that lost because you sheep are willing to vote for lunatics and old folks home wannabes…. or was that aimed at Mar? It came right after my comment.

    What does it say about Trump? That like Hillary, the main parties keep putting up really crummy candidates.

  16. jonnyv

    TUERQAS, Did you call Trump an independent??? That might be the funniest thing I heard all week. He was a bad candidate most certainly, like you said, but he was firmly in the republican camp.

    And I do agree that I would love to see better candidates on both sides. Perhaps people not in their 70s and 80s. I was not excited for Biden in the slightest, but between the 2 candidates he was the better choice for me. And I hope that in his first 2 years he pushes thru a lot of progressive items.

  17. Randall Flagg

    ” why the overwhelming armed occupation around the nation?”

    We could start with what happened on January 6th, and the credible threats of violence on January 20th.

  18. Jason

    And the actual damage and riots that occurred on Jan 20th, right Randall? Hard to find, the MSM is burying the stories, but two West Coast cities had riots and damage. Wonder why it’s not a publicized as Jan 6th?

  19. Randall Flagg

    I saw it as a headline on MSM Jason. Maybe you weren’t looking in the right place?

    I did also notice the police intervened in those. Quite the difference from the high 5’s, selfies, held open door and barriers, and welcome they gave the insurrectionists on the 6th in DC.

  20. Jason

    >I saw it as a headline on MSM Jason. Maybe you weren’t looking in the right place?

    And Randall Flunk is back, missing the point just like always. I’ll give you a hint – in the spirit of the Left’s new Unity movement – I didn’t say what you’re arguing I said.

  21. Randall Flagg

    Here is what you said Jason ” Hard to find, the MSM is burying the stories,”

    I saw it as a headline on the MSM, clearly that is not burying it.

  22. Mar

    Yeah, Randall found it on Fox News or Newsmax.

  23. Randall Flagg

    Nope it was on CNN Mar.

  24. Mar

    You said MSM, Randall, not an illegitimate National Enquire type news site.
    I’ll take your word for it but it’s not there now.

  25. Jason

    >I saw it as a headline on the MSM, clearly that is not burying it.

    When you compare it to the 24/7 Klaxon blaring wall to wall coverage of the Jan 6th incident, the difference is astounding. Not that I expect you to be objective enough to admit it. It’s true and it’s a blatant display of the bias from the MSM. Which is what I was pointing out, and which you continue to miss.

  26. Randall Flagg

    Jason you keep changing your points. First was that they were burying it, now it is the time frame of the coverage. That’s a logical fallacy: moving the goalposts.

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