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2226, 14 Jan 21

Biden Unveils Another Covid Relief Package as Economy Soars

The economy is rebounding. The only thing retarding it is Democratic governors who keep their states locked down. So if the economy is doing OK, why another relief package? Oh yeah, it’s another slush fund to transfer wealth from our grandchildren to Democrat constituencies – just like the “stimulus” package that Obama passed when he came into office. This spending is insane.

Biden unveiled the broad strokes of a rescue plan that includes items that will likely have some bipartisan support Рlike an additional $1,400 for Americans Рboosting the total to the $2,000 per adult President Donald Trump demanded in December.


‘$600 is simply not enough if you still have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table,’ Biden observed.


But it also outlines loftier goals, like implementing a national $15 per hour minimum wage, a campaign promise the Democrat made.




$130 billion is specifically allocated to go toward schools.



Biden wants to see the approved $300-a-week federal unemployment benefit increased to $400.


2226, 14 January 2021

1 Comment

  1. Mar

    Yep, that $15 an hour minimum wage will really help out small business and those not making $15 an hour.
    Stupid liberals.
    More businesses will close and more than a million people will lose their jobs.
    That’ll help them.

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