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0847, 31 Dec 20

What is a COVID Death?

This tragic story helps illustrate the issue with COVID death statistics:

Louisiana Rep.-elect Luke Letlow, who died while battling COVID-19, suffered a heart attack following a procedure, a hospital official said.


The 41-year-old was receiving treatment in the intensive care unit at Ochsner LSU Health in Shreveport when he died Tuesday, the Monroe News-Star reported.


LSU Health Shreveport Chancellor G.E. Ghali confirmed Letlow underwent an operation related to the virus and later went into cardiac arrest.


“It’s devastating to our entire team,” Ghali told the paper, adding that he “had no underlying conditions.”

We all saw the headlines when they came out. Things like, “Congressman-elect dies of COVID-19” and “Rising Republican Dies of COVID-19.” But was it?

We do not know the specifics of why he was undergoing heart surgery. They say it was related to his COVID illness, but how? What were they actually doing? And given the shock of the doctors, it seems that they did not think it was a high-risk surgery. Clearly it was the heart attack that killed him, but is the underlying COVID the real culprit? What a bit fat guy dies of a heart attack or diabetes, do we say that he was killed by obesity? No, so why label COVID as the problem here? If someone has a heart attack while driving and is decapitated in the crash, what killed her? It gets complicated. An argument could be made either way by rational people.

In the case of COVID, however, we have defaulted to classifying ANY death where COVID is present as a “COVID” death. We see the stats where this is happening. COVID deaths are increasing while it looks like we have virtually cured many other previously-deadly ailments. People who were shot, drowned, had heart attacks, strokes, etc. are all mixed in with the COVID death statistics. Sometimes, they are called a COVID death even if they do not have a firm diagnosis but the person had “COVID-like symptoms.” There is a distinct preference to label deaths as being caused by COVID if the slimmest of connection can be found.

The question is… why? Why have officials all across the country chosen to default to COVID when declaring the cause of death.

Hint… follow the money… follow the power.


0847, 31 December 2020


  1. Mar

    I am thinking it is more about liberal power than anything else.
    And most of the media buy into it.

  2. Merlin

    COVID is good for an extra 20%. For a 25% bunny they might let you choose what to call it.

  3. Mar

    So, I just tested positive for the Chinese/liberal virus.
    And if I get hit by a car tomorrow and end up in the ME’s office, I guess I’ll be considered to be a Chinese/liberal casualty.

  4. dad29

    There is an extra stocking-stuffer for hospitals who register a “covid” death.

    But CDC’s part of the problem, too; seems that they changed the reporting protocol in January and the result is about a 400% over-report of CoVid deaths.

  5. Tuerqas

    MAR “I am thinking it is more about liberal power than anything else.
    And most of the media buy into it”

    Buy into it? The media sold it! All liberal owned MSM is simply the propaganda arm of the liberal power base today. They are no longer a separate entity. The freedom of the press has been suborned by the dogma of their owners. We don’t see, hear or read the truth from the press anymore unless it randomly also happens to be what the left wants us to hear.,,or maybe sports or weather.

  6. dad29

    Actually, T, the death notices are pretty accurate.

  7. Tuerqas

    In what way Dad29? The number of people is pretty accurate, but how they died is not. So I would call the report false (by what did you say above, 400%). Using a true fact to prove a false conclusion is false reporting. It is using ‘a random fact to support what they want us to hear’.

  8. Mar

    From the Milwaukee County medical examiner’s office:
    “Of the 574 COVID+ deaths investigated by our office, 15 had no known co-morbidities. ”
    So about 3% actually died just from Covid.
    The other 97%?
    Who knows.

  9. Jason

    >In what way Dad29? The number of people is pretty accurate, but how they died is not. So I would call the report false (by what did you say above, 400%).

    I was assuming Dad29 was just referring to “They DED” as being the only accurate part.

  10. Tuerqas

    That is what I thought as well, but sometimes Dad29 surprises me.

  11. Mar

    The latest false news: Los Angeles paramedics won’t transport PNB(pulseless non-breathers) to the ER.
    The fact is that this is common in EMS now. Most EMS services don’t transport PNB patients to the hospital and this has been going on for years.
    Just more media/liberal government BS.

  12. MjM

    Back in October one actual reporter requested certain information from the Minnesota Dept of Health: 94% of all CCPvirus “deaths” had serious underlying medical conditions. 95% of 60+yr olds.

    70% had been in long term care facilities.

    In WI, as of Dec 3:

    68 of the 3,562 (1.9%) COVID-19 deaths were from COVID-19 ONLY

    2,376 of the 3,562 (66.70%) deaths involved at least one other comorbidity

    1,118 of the 3,562 (31.39%) deaths were listed as “unknown”. (In July, DHS showed only 19% “unknown”).

    Latest total CCPvirus “death” count shows 79% are 70yr+, (92% 60yr+)

    To paraphrase Ned Beatty in the movie “Shooter”, Deaths are what g’vment says it is.

  13. Jason

    I can’t wait for the actual death count for 2020 is tallied and compared to previous years… the hump will be the statistical equivalent to an A cup in a room full of DD’s.

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