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1859, 30 Dec 20

States Prioritize Vaccine Rollout


FloridaTexas and Ohio are among the Republican-led states forgoing federal vaccination guidelines to prioritize the elderly ahead of frontline workers.


While medical workers and residents and staffers of long term care facilities are being prioritized for vaccines in virtually every state, local leaders are split on who gets the vaccine next.


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines say under the second tier of vaccinations grocery store employees, transit workers, and other frontline staffers should receive the shot at the same time as those who are 75 and older.


But in Florida, Texas, and Ohio shots are being offered to the elderly first and frontline workers are asked to wait.


‘We are not going to put young, healthy workers ahead of our elderly, vulnerable population,’ Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis said Saturday, allowing people 65 years and older to jump ahead of essential workers.

I can see both sides. On the one hand, prioritizing the higher risk groups first makes the most sense to reduce the death count as quickly as possible. On the other hand, prioritizing frontline workers first gets those industries back to work faster. Given those considerations, I’d prioritize the most vulnerable first.


1859, 30 December 2020


  1. MjM

    If you accept death counts as correct, and then pretend that for some weird reason the CCPVirus affected no one over the age of 55, this “pandemic” would not be one. So, logic dictates “oldest first”. Not only does that logic immediately crash death counts, it clears hospital ‘front liners’, and beds so everyone can go back to having cancer treatments and Brazilian butt lifts. I’ve had four immediate relatives test positive, ages 52 to 17. All had mild cold-like symptoms (one said it was just like normal spring allergies) and all lasted 4-6 days…. just like the flu. Normal healthy folks under the age of (take your pick: 40,50,60) do not _need_ the vaccine at all.

  2. Mar

    Meanwhile, congressional staffers are getting the vaccine before the frontline workers.
    So, you have young healthy Congress critters like AOC get the vaccine.
    Seems like the supposed climate change hoax.
    Liberals show their tyranny by locking down cities, counties and states but go ahead and violate those orders.
    Then lie about restrictions (Fake doctor Fauchi) Lie about the number of deaths (Washington state and others) and you wonder why we cannot believe these people.
    I am sure the virus is serious but it really isn’t that serious.
    Just like the climate change hoax.

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