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2110, 29 Dec 20

2020 Predictions Review

For the past few years, RightWisconsin has solicited predictions from local malcontents and ne’er-do-wells. As I think through my predictions for next year, let’s see how I did this year. Now, to be fair, COVID really messed with some of them, but my predictions are worth exactly what you paid for them. Here we go…

Carrie Underwood will win the Entertainer of the Year award from the Country Music Association. If not Carrie, it definitely won’t be a dude after the CMAs took so much heat in 2019 or failing to honor a woman.

WRONG. It was Eric Church. I underestimated the CMA’s political correctness.

2020 will see the first major political scandal that results from a politician saying something stupid/racist/sexist/illegal/etc. that is recorded by a smart speaker and leaked.

WRONG. At least, I can’t think of anyone, but it will happen.

LSU will win the College Football National Championship.


Preparing for the inevitable, the Green Bay Packers draft a quarterback.


2020 will end with the Democratic National Committee still owing money to Milwaukee and Wisconsin for the costs of their convention.

WRONG. This is one of those that COVID messed up. If there had been an in-person convention, this would have been correct. As it was, they just abandoned Milwaukee completely.

Speaking of the Democratic Convention, Senator Tammy Baldwin will not be given a prominent speaking slot despite the convention occurring in her home state.


After Scott Fitzgerald wins a seat in Congress, State Senator Van Wanggaard is elected to be the next Senate Majority Leader.


Scheduled lock closures on the Illinois River will last longer than scheduled causing a small spike in corn and soybean prices.

WRONG. Hats off to the Army Corps of Engineers

Governor Tony Evers will finally beat his wife at pickleball.

I’m going to call this one CORRECT despite a lack of video evidence. But they played a LOT of pickleball this year. Surely he won at least once.

The United Kingdom’s economy will boom after they leave the European Union.

UNDETERMINED. Their economy sank due to COVID and it’s not possible to measure the Brexit impact in isolation.

Wonder Woman 1984 will be the biggest movie of the year.

WRONG. Well, as of now it’s wrong, but this is another one where COVID disrupted the results. As of now, Bad Boys for Life is the highest grossest movie of 2020 because it came out on January 17th. It grossed $206 million domestically. I would have to think that WW84 would have beaten that.

The Sprint & T-Mobile merger will pass legal challenges and be completed.


Despite increasing the age at which people can buy vaping products to 21, more people will die from vaping in 2020 than in any previous year.

UNDETERMINED. I made this prediction based on the mysterious vaping deaths that were happening at the end of 2019. Remember that? Anyway, I can’t even find current statistics on this and death statistics from the CDC tend to take some time. I hope I’m wrong.

Finally, the wave of populism continues with the reelection of President Trump.

WRONG. The wave of populism has continued, but Trump was not reelected. Although, I do not have confidence in the election results.

Any suggestions for next year?


2110, 29 December 2020


  1. Mar

    “2020 will see the first major political scandal that results from a politician saying something stupid/racist/sexist/illegal/etc. that is recorded by a smart speaker and leaked.”
    Half right. Senile Joe said plenty of racist, stupid, sexist, illegal things in 2020.

  2. Mar

    Biden won’t last a year as president.
    Gavin Newsome will be recalled.
    The GOP will retain control of the Senate but it won’t matter.
    Lockdowns and mask mandates will continue in democrat areas.

  3. Kevin Scheunemann

    No one saw COVID coming Jan 1. So predictions with COVID interference still look good to me, once COVID settles out as an issue.

    Probably when Biden is inaugurated. Press will ignore issue, unless the leftist media turn on Biden, which I predict is possible in 2021.

  4. steveegg

    If memory serves, the DNC did stiff Milwaukee.

  5. jsr

    WW84? Having seen the movie I doubt it would have been the biggest of the year, although it depends on how many people saw it before the word got out about how bad it was. It amazes me how Marvel movies are huge and DC movies miss the mark.

  6. dad29

    WW84 IS the biggest BOMB of the year. So you got “biggest” right.

    Following the 2nd Inauguration of D Trump, Airborne will quell riots nationwide using “weapons free” Order of Battle.

  7. MjM

    Joe Biden will wear his birthday suite in the White House fountain, causing more female Secret Service agents to quit.

    EnvironMENTAL Czar Jenjis Kahn Kerry will spend hundreds of millions in tax payer funds so that he can reside in the finest hotels and partake of the finest eateries while he travels the globe spewing sleep-inducing environMENTAL monologues.

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